Silk Flower Centerpieces – Seven Questions to Consider Before Shopping

No one goes shopping, either online or at the mall, without some idea of what they want. However, sometimes the list of selection criteria is lacking and after the purchase the buyer regrets that whatever was purchased doesn’t have a certain characteristic or feature.

Silk flower centerpieces are all beautiful, so some people may think that it is impossible to make a bad choice, but again there is a “however”. Although silk flower arrangements have their own beauty, some arrangements will fit better into a specific setting and their beauty will be enhanced.

A quick review of the following seven questions before starting a search for the right silk flower centerpiece will help assure a successful shopping experience.

  1. What room will the silk flower arrangement beautify? Living rooms and dining rooms are more formal than other rooms and can better accept the presence of a large or elaborate centerpiece. The remainder of the house may have a place or two for a large centerpiece, but most areas are best suited for less elaborate arrangements. Bright, whimsical flowers may be appreciated on a kitchen table, while a family room may be a good place for an arrangement featuring mixed flowers, tulips or dieffenbachia. Even the master bedroom needs a centerpiece that is a little less formal than one suited for a living room, and either amaryllis or dancing lady orchids may be the right flower to brighten the room.
  1. What colors (dominant and secondary) are being used in the room? At least one of the colors in the room should be found in the centerpiece. If more than one color is matched, all the better, and matching a secondary color is just as good as matching the dominant color.
  1. What is the style of the room? Room decor influences the type of arrangements that will go well in the room. Modern decor best accepts arrangements with features that characterize a modern setting. The best centerpieces for this decor will emphasize simplicity and straight lines. Arrangements for country decor will utilize an ornate container with many flowers that could have just been picked from the backyard garden. Contemporary decor in general falls between the simplicity of modern decor and the frills of country. Arrangements for a contemporary setting should also be chosen from among those in the midrange between the simplicity of modern and the frills of country.
  1. What are the purchaser’s favorite types of flowers? The person buying the arrangement might as well start looking at arrangements that include his or her favorite flowers. However, the type of flowers used is only one element of an arrangement, so no one should be surprised if the final choice does not include the purchaser’s favorite flowers.
  1. How large should the arrangement be? If there are any obstacles, like a lampshade, that restrict the size of an arrangement, the limiting dimension should be written down and available while shopping. It is also good if a person looks at the area where the centerpiece will be placed and visualizes a good size for the arrangement. Then, with a tape measure, the width, height and depth of the visualized size can be measured and the results compared to the size of arrangements under consideration.
  1. Is there any form in the area where the silk flower centerpiece will be placed that may be matched to provide balance? It is good to consider the shapes that already exist in the area where the arrangement will be placed. An extra-length sofa with a wide picture behind it might suggest a wide silk flower centerpiece for the coffee table. Again, a credenza with an oval mirror behind it would be a good location for a centerpiece with a basically oval shape. Finally, if there is a picture of tulips on the wall, a silk flower centerpiece containing tulips will look good in the room.
  1. What type of container should be used to hold the arrangement? As mentioned above, the container should be compatible with the room decor where the centerpiece is located. The designer of the arrangement should have picked a container that is proportional to the size of the flowers being used, but the shopper needs to agree with the designer’s choice before purchasing the silk flower arrangement. Also, keep in mind that the container does not have to be a vase. A basket of flowers or flowers extending from a segment of a log or a piece of driftwood can also be very beautiful. In fact, almost anything that will hold flowers can be used as a container. A teapot, sprinkling can or Mason jar would all be excellent containers in the right setting.

Once the seven questions have been considered and the answers have been developed to the shopper’s satisfaction, it is time to find the best silk flower centerpiece to beautify the chosen location. Having the homework done ahead of time will assure that the arrangement and its surroundings compliment and bring out the best in each other.

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