Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Sometimes all the fun is in the details and a wedding is no different. It is easy to get lost in big wedding worries and forget that planning a wedding is supposed to be pleasurable as well as memorable.

One of the best ways to inject fun and personality into a wedding is in planning the decorations for the wedding reception. Here are some great ideas for centerpieces to put on the tables at the reception.

Reception Centerpiece Ideas

1. Nature

This is the most popular category for reception centerpieces. This category includes not only flowers, but plants, trees, herbs, and found objects, as well.

  • Buds: one of the most elegant ideas for a centerpiece is also one of the simplest: a single rose in a bud vase in the center of a white tablecloth.
  • Twig trees: put a small, gnarly tree branch into a vase and decorate with flower buds, wedding favors, or ribbons in wedding colors.
  • Floating garden: intersperse floating lilies, rose petals, or other flowers with floating candles in a large, clear bowl.
  • Roots: sprout potatoes, carrots, or onions and show off the roots by upending them in a vase. It makes a simple, striking centerpiece.
  • Topiaries: bunch flowers and greens together at the top of a stick or flower stem to resemble a topiary, a sphere-like tree design. Put in clear vases in the center of the table.
  • Bonsai: use bonsai trees and Asian flowers as table decorations.
  • Single color: overwhelm the senses with a profusion of flowers in the wedding color. You can use blooms, petals, and buds of many different kinds of flowers.
  • Orchids: potted or cut orchid flowers make striking, elegant centerpieces.
  • Herbs: Use cut herbs in decorative glasses with a single flower in the wedding color, or pot herbs in colorful, decorative pots and place them at each place setting as favors. Include one flower in the wedding color.
  • Hanging baskets: suspend colorful hanging baskets above the tables at the reception. Trail vines of flowering plants out of the pots to nearly touch the tables.
  • Fountains: place small, working tabletop fountains in the center of the tables at the reception. Float flowers in the fountain and surround the fountain with decorative stones and more flowers in the wedding color.
  • Spring: Use beeswax candles interspersed with daisies for a spring wedding.

2. Handmade

  • Tulle: create “flowers” out of bows and tulle, nested in a froth of more tulle.
  • Lace: place handmade or antique doilies in the center of the table or under each place setting. Sprinkle with crocheted or knitted flowers to be given as favors.
  • Petit-fours: arrange petit-fours or other pastries or candies in wedding colors in the center of the table. Can be used in lieu of a wedding cake.
  • Carved pumpkins or fruit: use pumpkins carved with the wedding couple’s names or with romantic designs for an autumn wedding. Use fruit carved to look like flowers for a summer wedding.

3. Inanimate:

  • Tealights: use a profusion of tea lights in a large, crystal bowl for a simple centerpiece.
  • White: white candles of all different sizes make another simple centerpiece.
  • Martini glasses: put tea lights in an assortment of wine, martini, and champagne glasses engraved with the wedding couple’s names and the wedding date in the center of the table. Give away as wedding favors.

Alex Lemone is a bridal and wedding writer. To check out some more reception ideas and other wedding ideas, visit Wedding Ideas Etc.

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