Quick and Easy Party Centerpieces

Party hosts and hostesses looking to quickly and easily decorate a large room with multiple tables should consider these birthday party centerpiece ideas:

1. Beautifully-wrapped door prizes: Party planners can hide a number underneath each place setting. After the plates have been cleared, a party host or hostess should explain that door prize winners will be announced every 15 minutes. The door prizes will be inside the beautifully-wrapped gift box that, up until this point, was likely viewed as simply a centerpiece.

2. Watermelon sculptures: Centerpieces that serve as an appetizer or dessert are perfect for a large crowd. Party planners can find a variety of watermelon patterns online. Most caterers offer watermelon sculptures, but these can also be a do-it-yourself project if the budget doesn’t allow a catered meal. Pumpkin-carving tools are ideal for these delicious centerpieces. Watermelon artists should provide an assortment of colorful fruit in each sculpture and include bamboo skewers as part of the design so that guests do not require additional cutlery.

3. Individual cakes: Rather than serving one large cake at a reception, some party planners are placing beautifully decorated cakes on each table. Antique cake plates add to the beauty. Guests rave about cakes topped with edible flowers. The host or hostess should be certain to provide each table with a cake server so that guests aren’t forced to rely upon their personal tableware to cut and serve cake. For dramatic effect, have a host or hostess light candles on each table just before the crowd sings “Happy Birthday.” Each table can be asked to blow out candles at the end of the song. This is especially appropriate when honoring a very elderly person who doesn’t have the wind to blow out dozens of candles on his or her own.

4. Song requests: There’s no need for the host or hostess to spend a lot of time planning a song list for the disc jockey. The hottest new trend is to allow wedding and birthday party guests to make song requests at their table. Party planners should assemble a bowl on each table that’s surrounded by beautiful flowers or stones. Each table will also require slips of nicely-cut, colored paper and a pen. Guests will be able to not only choose a song but ask the DJ to send out a song dedication. Hosts and hostesses can occasionally empty each table’s bowl or have the DJ do it when necessary.

‘Birthdays’ are an important day for the birthday person. Sometimes it is more than just a birthday because it turns into a huge family gathering and everyone is having a great time.

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