Party Ideas for Baby Shower: Centerpieces

When planning party ideas for a baby shower, finding a good centerpiece can be challenging. The cake can easily be the centerpiece for the food table. But what about for the gift table? If you are having a meal served, what should serve as the centerpiece for the table you will dine at?

Gift Baskets

A nice decorative baby gift basket that you either make or buy can make a great centerpiece. If you have several tables that you need centerpieces for, make sure that the gift baskets for them are smaller so you can keep your budget in check. Gift baskets can be filled with inexpensive baby items like rattles, bibs, booties, and burp clothes. You can often buy these items in packs, making it easier to make multiple gift baskets.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are a popular trend in party ideas for baby showers. Despite the name, they can be made of things other than diapers. Washcloths or hand towels can also be used and work well for a bath centered shower theme like rubber ducks. To make a diaper cake, you just need to roll up diapers and secure them with ribbon or rubber bands. Create a layer of them and tie the entire bunch together with a ribbon. Then make another layer and secure. Add a top to the diaper cake in keeping with the theme or a cute baby toy or stuffed animal. Small toys or gifts can be added to the outside of each layer to jazz it up.


Sometimes it is the simplest party ideas for baby showers that work the best. Flowers always make an attractive centerpiece for a table. Consider what flowers are in season when getting your floral arrangements since the price difference between in-season and out-of-season flowers can be substantial. If you have a theme for the shower, you can incorporate the theme by using ribbon on the vases or putting small plastic toys in with the flowers.

Party Favors

Sometimes you can make the party favors for the baby shower into attractive centerpieces. The great part about this kind of centerpiece is that you don’t have to worry about cleanup, just ask each guest to take one of the centerpiece items. Fake plastic baby bottles filled with colorful candies and tied with a ribbon are fun centerpieces. Small boxes of various colors with candy inside them can be stacked up on tables to create baby block centerpieces.

Often the best party ideas for a baby shower are simple but yet in good taste. This is especially true of centerpieces since they help set the mood for the shower. Get more ideas for baby shower party planning at

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