Other Than Floral Centerpieces

Most brides tend to focus their wedding flower attention on her bouquet and the centerpieces because they tend to be the most noticeable when talking about the wedding décor. However, it has been said that unique, little details will go a long way on the guests’ memories.

Through this article, we will see some of those memorable details that are not highly priced but that will make your wedding day even more special and unique and will also complement your other wedding flowers.

It is okay to set your wedding programs on the tables or the ceremony chairs, but if you decide to set them on the main table at the entrance in a basket why not surround them by flowers in the same basket.

How about the flower girl using a basket made out of flowers to carry the rose petals. If you want to step out side de tradition why not just giving her a kiss ball made out of roses. To make your flower girl look more sweet and adorable why not add some natural flowers to her hair or even to her dress!

Talking about your wedding ceremony, there are so many fun, beautiful detail decorations that you can achieve with beautiful wedding flowers. If you happen to have an out door wedding, you might want to provide your guests with paper fans, and what if you add a delicate touch to them by adding a small flower to the holder. Or what about marking down the path of your wedding aisle with lanterns surrounded by flowers a romantic candle lit. For the altar of your ceremony you always want to keep it simple, less is more. Depending on where you are holding the ceremony always think about arrangements that you can move after to the reception. I you love tall arrangements this is the time to show your taste. Other option can be arches decorated by flowers or made of flowers.

Now lets talk about your actual party were most of the attention is focused. There are several small details that will bring your entire décor together and will give you a stunning party. Here are some of those ideas: use flowers as napkin holders or on you menu. Moving to the cake table there is nothing more beautiful and on trend that wedding cakes decorated with natural flowers and don’t worry that you cake will be eatable later on because today many wholesalers have wonder options and prices for organic wholesale flowers.

All of the above were some pinch in ideas to help you bring the decoration of your special day together.

Author Resource:-> Lily Johnson is a wedding planner extraordinary and wedding flowers florist working in the greater Houston area, helping diy wedding flower brides make their visions true. Checkout her other articles too to get lots of helpful information on wholesale flowers and more.

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