Manzanita Branches For Centerpieces

Manzanita branches are becoming increasingly popular for centerpieces and other crafts. Manzanita has a beauty of it’s own with it’s unique shapes and colors. It is also durable so it can last and be re-used for many years.

Manzanita Branches For Centerpieces

Manzanita is native only to western North America where it grows mostly on dry hillsides and inland valleys, mostly in California, Oregon and Mexico. It’s slow growing nature produces short heavily branching trees that usually resemble shrubs more than trees.

Manzanita wood is very hard and durable. Even the intricate shapes that it grows into are strong and will retain their shape even after the wood has dried. Many different types of tree branches change shape as the cells of the wood dry but manzanita will retain it’s original shape. The strength of these branches makes them ideal for hanging ornaments and can provide a sturdy structure to support the weight of other materials used in your centerpiece.

With varying shades of red, the smooth bark of this wood is just as unique as the rest of the plant. Many people like the look of the bark and leave it natural or apply a clear finish to make it shine. Some prefer to sandblast it to strip the bark off, revealing the creamy white wood underneath. Others like to paint it. This gives it the ability to blend into any theme.

Manzanita branches are used for home or commercial decorations and are often used as displays for hanging jewelry. One of it’s most common uses is for wedding decorations and wedding trees. Manzanita is wonderful for these uses because of it’s beauty and because it is so ornament friendly. It’s branches are strong and resist bending under the weight of ornaments. The open broad shape that it’s many branches grow into openly display the ornaments.

Individual manzanita branches often resemble miniature versions of large broad trees. The cut branches are sometimes described as looking like natural bonsai trees. Unlike a live bonsai, they don’t need water or any care.

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