Make Your Wedding Stand Out With Tall Wedding Centerpieces

For quite a number of couples regardless of their race or culture, making a splash on their wedding reception is always a number one priority. The eye-catching and dramatic flair can be achieved by incorporating a number of things and among these are tall wedding centerpieces.

There are various ways of getting the correct height for centerpieces and this can be combining a number of elements or just using individual pieces. For instance one could make use of tall vases but in this case, it is not a must that the floral arrangements be tall as the vases are already tall.

Another great option will be to use naturally tall twigs or if these are not available one could use flowering branches in a beautiful way to bring out the dramatic effect. Some couples have also found out that it is possible to make tall wedding centerpieces by using vessels of medium height and using rises or boxes to increase their height.

This is done in such a creative way that the guests will not find out. Another option that couples seldom use but that could work just as well is suspending long centre pieces from the ceiling instead of making one from the top of the table. This option might however need more time and patience as compared to the other ones but if being done by a professional then the end result should be just fine.

The theme of the wedding is one of the factors that can be very instrumental in pone choosing the kind of centerpiece they would like to have. For instance couples who choose to have formal weddings complete with fancy silk gowns and sparkling jewelry made from crystal will be better placed if they chose tall vases. The best vases to use here will be clear, towering glass vessels which can present a modern look or antique vases made from silver which can be found in specialty shops.

Trumpet shape is also ideal for using in traditional or formal weddings while square vases will be the best for using in hip weddings.

For an earthly theme, the best options to use for tall wedding centerpieces will be three small wooden or bamboo boxes placed at the center of every table. The vessels can be filled with things like submerged flowers, floating candles and smooth rocks from the river. If the reception will be held at a club, then the risers can be done in mirrored boxes which one can fill using candles or orchid. The bottom of the vases should be filled using glittering Swarovski beads of another color.

Going out to buy the center pieces is one way of obtaining them and the best places will be in bridal shops and stores. Another alternative will be to hire a wedding planner who will probably have different pieces available and all that is needed is for the couple to make a choice. Prior to settling for a particular centerpiece one should also do some research to get nothing but the best.

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