Make Your Own DIY Wedding Candy Flower Centerpieces and Bouquets

At weddings, flowers are commonly used for several items such as wedding flower centrepieces and bouquets. Why not add a fun element to your wedding by making your own DIY candy wedding flower centerpieces and bouquets?

Wedding candy florals are great gifts ad they are often the talking point at weddings and receptions.

It is not that difficult to create a wedding candy bouquets and they will always be popular at wedding events. Colorful candy wrappers enhance the color of the wedding bouquets and of course, they are edible!

There are many different types of wedding candy bouquets you can make. In this article, i will guide you on making candy wedding bouquets in a teracotta which will be a great hit at your special day.

The ingredients needed for your unique wedding candy flower will be

  • Teracotta Pot / Basket (medium size)
  • Oasis Foam (check with your florist shop)
  • Floristry Wire
  • Artificial Leaves
  • Roses in various color or any colorful flowers
  • Stem tape
  • And of course, candy! You can use lollipops or wrapped chocolates

Step 1 : Shape the Oasis Foam

Cut the foam so that it will fit into the teracotta pot firmly

Step 2: Trim the Roses

Usually the flowers purchased from the florist will have a long stem. Trim it in such as way that it does not look too long when they are lodged into the oasis foam.

Step 3 : Spread the leaves

Place some of the leaves at the edge of the flower pot and spread them out. If possible, overlap them. This will give a more realistic look to the overall image of your candy wedding bouquet.

Step 4 : Insert the flowers

Start by placing one rose in the center of the pot. Insert the next rose at a different angle at the edge of the pot and repeat this action until all the flowers are in.

Step 5 : Insert Leaves and candy

This is probably the best part, insert the lollipop into the pot, preferably at between every flower. And hang candies and chocolates on the leaves, the children will love them.

If there are gaps to be filled, either spread out the leaves or got more candies and lollipops

Optional : Decorations

You can add a ribbon around the pot or the leaves. Alternatively, color the pot’s wall with paint or stickers. Or even add a small sweet looking stuff toy to bring out the favors of the wedding candy floral.

Now you are done! This can be a perfect candy wedding flower centerpiece. Or you can carry it around as your wedding candy bouquet, offering candy and chocolates to every single wedding guest.

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