Make Satellite TV the Centerpiece of Your Home Theater Setup

Although you may think that your television is the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, is it really? If you don’t provide it with the right media, it won’t matter how advanced it is. You will not be entertained. The key is therefore to make sure that you feed it the right material. If you decide to make satellite TV the centerpiece of your home entertainment system instead, then you will be able to enjoy a much better experience.

With the right subscription-based entertainment solution in place, your TV will be able to do its job properly. Some people think that only Bluray would be good for that purpose, but what they fail to realize is that cost is just as important as effectiveness. It’s true that Bluray will always be able to take full advantage of your TV, but it’s prohibitively expensive to maintain a proper collection of titles. Each movie is going to cost you around $20, so if you were to purchase just 3 per week you’d end up spending almost $250 per month. You would spend just a small fraction of that if you were to switch to satellite TV instead, which would end up costing you only around $50 per month. The best part is that you’d be able to enjoy your entertainment nonstop all month long whereas you’d likely get bored of your Bluray collection pretty fast.

Some people will be quick to point out that Netflix is the way to go nowadays. Since it costs less than $10 per month, no one can argue that it’s inexpensive. It’s about the cheapest home entertainment solution out there, if you don’t factor the additional services you’ll need for it that is. Since Netflix is a movie streaming services that uses the internet, you’re going to need a fast connection in order to take full advantage of it. Unlike satellite TV, it isn’t really a standalone solution. Most people who are signed up for an internet connection are only signed up for the bare minimum, which usually allows for transfer rates of around 3 megabits per second. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be enough to handle the highest resolutions of video streaming Netflix can offer, and thus your streaming will likely be downgraded to a lower resolution. If you decide to purchase a new connection that can handle the demand, expect to pay around $25 more per month than what you’re used to paying, which brings the overall cost of Netflix to what satellite TV would cost. The main advantage Netflix had actually turned out not to be an advantage at all.

Ultimately, nothing is going to match what satellite brings to the table, not even cable. Contrary to how it’s portrayed, cable TV doesn’t actually represent stiff competition. It delivers less channels broadcasting in 1080p, it costs more, it’s available in less areas, and it doesn’t have nearly the same package selection. People only end up signing up for it because they didn’t know that satellite TV was also available to them too. Don’t make that same mistake. Sign up for satellite and make it the centerpiece of your home entertainment system instead.

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