Landscape Lighting Can Make a Fountain a Centerpiece

With landscape lighting, water features such as fountains and pools can be greatly enhanced with amazing effects. You can make a fountain glow, illuminate an pond from within or accentuate a reflecting pool. But choosing the right lighting for your water features can be the difference between having just a mundane landscape component and a stunning focal point of the garden.

Landscape Lighting Can Make a Fountain a Centerpiece

The most common and popular choice for fountain lighting is the submersible light. Submersible lights are placed underwater and up light the fountain creating a shimmering effect. In addition to illuminating the fountain, the submersible lights illuminate the streams of water as they flow in to the basin. Many of these lights come with color filters that allow the user to experience vibrant and get creative with the effects of the lighting.

In addition to submersible lights, landscape lighting can be up-light with solar, LED or incandescent lighting. Solar lighting is becoming the choice for many people simply because there is no ongoing energy cost associated with solar lighting after installation. Also, solar lighting is very easy to install. LED lighting offers a great deal of creativity due to color options available and also the bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs. For larger fountains, a new option that is available is the moonlight globe. The globes are battery operated, come in various sizes and colors and can float in the basin of the fountain. In the right setting, smaller globes could be permanently installed around the base of the fountain to add lighting and color. They also are available with speakers in them for additional ambiance.

Some water features, for instance a water wall or a floor fountain, would benefit from overhead or down lighting. In this case, the landscape lighting acts spotlights on the water feature. There are many different applications available here. Some lights can be incorporated in to the design of the fountain (if it is custom made) so that the lighting is obscure and non-intrusive while other fountains will require over head lighting to be attached to surrounding trees or other structures such as a building, pergola, or lamp post.

Choosing the correct lighting techniques for your fountain will take a little planning on your part. You will want to experiment with a flashlight at night to see exactly the locations that will best serve you for your fountain lighting project. (If you are considering hiring someone to design a landscape lighting system for you, be sure and ask if they have a temporary kit that you can use to experiment with for a few days. Many are now offering these to their clients.)

Many times fountains are designed to be the centerpiece of the garden and need to been lighted more heavily. My advice is to choose fountain lights that will accentuate and illuminate your fountain without overpowering the surrounding landscape. Do a some research on the different products available on the market and plan out how you want your fountain to be presented prior to starting the project to insure that the results are what you desired.

My name is Carey Dodson and I am a landscape designer with over 20 years of experience in design, installation and maintenance of landscapes. Learn more how landscape lighting [] can impact your outdoor spaces and increase the value of your home.

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