Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas

Picture the most elaborate and over the top wedding you have attended. How beautiful was the decor at the reception? How much did you want to be the one to take home the centerpiece? Well, that centerpiece decor can easily be substituted with something similar that happens to be cheaper.

Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas

Everyone is attending your wedding to celebrate and enjoy your new found marriage -they are not there to examine the “brand” of your centerpieces! Inexpensive centerpieces are fully capable of being elaborate and beautiful. Being on budget does not mean you have to skimp out on what you want, because what you want can easily be created in a more affordable way.

The easiest and least time consuming option for inexpensive centerpiece ideas would have to be using what your venue already has. Almost all venues have their own centerpieces that they usually do not even charge you for them, and if they do happen to charge you, it is definitely a reasonable price.

Even if you are picky and the centerpieces they provide to you are not exactly matching to your theme or color, you could easily change things around so that they do match – just think, the centerpieces they provide are universal for many other weddings so they will most likely go with a variety of different colors and themes.

Who does not like to enjoy the food at a wedding? Once everyone eats, then they can dance and have an amazing time. Who would think of having snacks throughout the night though? Another inexpensive centerpiece idea is simply filling a bowl with food! Sounds a little less fancy, but if you get pretty bowls, you can easily decorate them into something ravishing at a reasonable cost.

You could get bowls at a home goods store or a craft store for no more than five dollars each and then fill them with candy the same color as the rest of your wedding decorations. A romantic and cute candy idea that will leave people in awe would be those M&M candies that you order and you can have personal sayings and images put on each one! Just order the matching color of the M&M and then have hearts on half of them and the other half can have the newlywed couples names together.

Something like that is so simple and inexpensive, yet adds a truly romantic touch and will keep people happy throughout the night in case they get a little hungry again! Even getting one of those cupcake holders that hold the mini cupcakes would be an excellent and inexpensive idea as well. You may need to keep refilling them all night though!

Lastly, another inexpensive centerpiece idea is the elegant candle. Candles add not only an enchanting fairy tale like feel, but candles also add a touch of sophistication. If the reception is at night, candles will help set the mood and can make even the largest of receptions seem intimate. Just like the mini cupcake holder idea, you can get a candle holder that holds many mini candles if just having one candle as the centerpiece does not seem like enough to you. Either way, the romantic feel will still be in the air, as well as the scent of the candles that will be lingering.

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