Inexpensive and Very Creative Wedding Centerpieces

During the last years and especially after the boom in design at the turn of the century, more and more brides take pride in every detail when it comes to their wedding decor. But there only a few of these details places the wedding reception above all others: the wedding dress (first and foremost!); the different decorations and the wedding centerpieces.

Inexpensive and Very Creative Wedding Centerpieces

From the budgeted wedding to the more lavish one, the centerpieces are always going to be the center of attention at the reception. At the end of the day, it is what people are really looking at while chatting over the awaited meal! In this article I will discuss a few ideas on how to put together inexpensive wedding centerpieces and will finally show you how to create the simplest and most elegant centerpiece of all time!

One way of saving money if you are looking for ideas is to search online. There are literally thousand of websites dedicated at giving you wonderful tips on your wedding centerpieces. Some of them even offer step by step guidance on how to create your wedding centerpieces from scratch without having to pay a professional.

So, let’s have a look at some ideas if you are trying to save money on your wedding:

  • Always think outside the box. Flowers are great for a centerpiece, but they are not always the answer. You can use other things that can make your reception come to life and will give your guests something to talk about. Think candles, pebbles, see through bowls, baskets, pine cones, twigs, potpourri, sand, sweets, etc. The list is endless.

  • Another way of bringing attention to your wedding centerpieces is by using extra large flower bouquets. If you have in your own garden at home a big gardenia bloom, use it! Place it next to the main table on a pedestal with a big ribbon around it.

  • Ask your friends and family if their bougainvillea has blossomed in their gardens. Bougainvillea is lovely, very, very showy and blossoms in many different colors. It looks rather expensive but you can find at very reasonable prices.

And now I am going to give you my own favorite tip on how to create the most elegant, beautiful and inexpensive wedding centerpiece of all time!

  • For this idea we are going to use mismatched stemware that you can find around the house. Now, flip the goblets placing large blooms underneath. Top them with nice candles. Voila. There is your flower and candle arrangement. And, believe me, it does create a most elegant impact that usually lasts all night!

Patri Truman is the author of the site Best Wedding Centerpieces [] and has written several articles on Wedding Reception Centerpieces [] which are full of great ideas if you are on a budget.

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