Ideas For Wedding Reception Centerpieces

As you sort out all the details of your wedding day you will no doubt be in need of some great wedding reception centerpieces. The centerpiece may not have earned a spot near the top of the list, but do not misjudge how valuable the centerpiece is to the flow of your reception.

Ideas For Wedding Reception Centerpieces

The wedding reception centerpieces that you choose need to compliment your theme and your other decoration choices. So once you’ve picked out a reception venue, your colors and theme start thinking of centerpieces that will add to the evening. For instance if you our having a Hawaiian themed wedding then big bouquets would not go well, but using little buckets of sand and shells would add nicely. And vice versa sand buckets would not go well at a nice elegant reception in fancy hall.

When you are picking out your wedding reception centerpieces you want to be careful to choose something that is tacky or over done. Sometimes people try to show their wealth which big bulky bouquets where the guests can’t even see across the table, and sometimes couples try to cut costs so much they put little blow up castles as centerpieces, both of these are tacky and can lead to guests talking poorly about your reception. So when make the decision choose something that is short, simple and fits well in the center of the tables you will be using. Even if you are on a tight budget you can make your own centerpieces that will bring glamor and appeal to your tables.

If you plan on making your own centerpieces then I have one last suggestion for you. Make sure you make one before you buy everything for all the tables. You may put one together and find out a certain part needs to be changed, that it doesn’t fit on the table, or that you just simply don’t like it. So make one then once you’ve decided you like it purchase the materials for the rest and put them together.

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