Ideas For Wedding Decorations and Table Centerpieces

Wedding decorations are never easy and that’s mostly because you’re juggling the wedding theme and the color scheme. A wedding itself means you have a lot of different places to decorate; the aisle, the runner, the alter, the dance floor and the tables and chairs all need to look great but they all have to look like they fit with each other.

Ideas For Wedding Decorations and Table Centerpieces

Chairs are easier than most things, all you need to do is tie a ribbon or matching color fabrics around them once the covers are on and they’re good to go. Covers for chairs are best if they’re rented instead of made.

They should be rented from the same place where the chairs are coming from, you might be able to get a discount at the least and you won’t have to run to two different places the day of the wedding.

Use the same fabric you use on the chairs to line the aisle and if the material holds out well, use it to make the aisle runner. One of the easiest ways to highlight your color theme is to use two or even three different colored fabrics to line the aisles and use white flowers at the ends to keep the color from giving an overwhelming effect to your wedding arrangements.

As far as food is concerned, you can’t make it the color you want. What you can do is find platters and trays that will help you fit the food in with your theme. If you were to have a fresh fruit arrangement or a fruit bouquet as your table centerpiece then getting one in a container that matches your color scheme is a great idea.

Unique centerpieces and wedding favors are hard to find, but they can make your wedding arrangements special; Fruit bouquets and fresh fruit arrangements are the perfect unique gift for wedding parties and wedding receptions

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