Ideas For Seasonal Wedding Centerpieces

There are many things that need to be done when you are planning a wedding. One area that we have the ability to help with are the centerpieces. These will be set on every table that are in the reception hall. When designing and putting together these centerpieces you have to think carefully about what the theme of the wedding is. One of the best and most common to utilize are seasonal.

Ideas For Seasonal Wedding Centerpieces


Spring is the time for beautiful weather and flowers. Everything that is in bloom including the love you have with your better half. Why not show people just how pleasant this season is by making an arrangement of your preferred flowers. The color of the flowers should match up with rest of the reception hall and the tablecloths. Inside the bouquet you will have the ability to set plastic butterflies and bees.


This is the perfect season to use the beach theme and to bring out your love for the ocean and everything in it. Place a glass bowl in the center of the table. Fill it halfway with sand and set a candle within it. Surrounding the bowl you should have different seashells which you pulled from the beach not purchased from a store. This will help you to save money and make something gorgeous.


The colors are changing and this usually implies that the bride and groom are going to pick out the deeper colors. Carve a pumpkin so that it is in the shape of a bowl that is empty. Within the pumpkin you will be able to set fall flowers or a candle. Set the pumpkin on a mirrored square tablet.


Winter wedding centerpieces are some of the best. Set a long, slender vase in the center of the table and on top of a mirrored tablet. Inside of this vase you should put a couple of stems of branches with white berries or flowers. Surrounding this vase there should be ‘snow’ covered pine cones and votive candles.

Seasonal Centerpieces are popular to use during weddings and easy to make. Find out what supplies you need to get for Fall Wedding Centerpieces.

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