Ideas for Pretty Spring Centerpiece Containers

Why settle for a boring vase when there are so many other special centerpiece vessels from which to choose? Most spring wedding centerpieces are very romantic, bursting with beautiful flowers like peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, or lily-of-the-valley. Complement these exquisite blossoms by arranging them in pretty and unique centerpiece containers for your spring wedding.

A charming idea for a vintage inspired spring wedding is to create delicate tea cup centerpieces. Collect an assortment of antique mismatched tea cups from flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. Fill them with pretty fresh blossoms such as roses or peonies in shades of pink or lavender (full round flowers work the best in this type of vessel). Clusters of your tiny tea cup centerpieces can be arranged on each reception table. To give them some height and more visual interest, stack some of the tea cups on props such as old leather-bound books to create levels. This would be a lovely centerpiece for a spring afternoon reception or one with a Victorian flair.

Hand-painted teapots are another wonderful vessel for your spring wedding centerpieces. It will look best if you select teapots in a variety of shapes and sizes to mix and match among the reception tables. Choose some tall slender teapots, some short round ones, some which are hexagonal, and so on. A general color family or style of decoration will give the different teapots a sense of unity. Fill them with delicate blossoms such as lily-of-the-valley or spray roses in shades of peach. These are delightful decorations for romantic garden weddings. They are perfect for brides who adore delicate lace wedding dresses and pearl bridal jewelry sets.

Vintage glass can also make unique and pretty containers for spring wedding flowers. Arrange fresh blossoms on a pale amethyst glass cake stand or display blooms in beautiful Depression glass bowls. White milk glass with a hobnail texture is another wonderful way to showcase your wedding flowers. All of these vintage glass vessels look marvelous when several shapes and sizes are combined, which is good since finding ten of the same piece would be difficult anyway. The more ornate the glass, the more romantic the centerpieces should be, while simpler pieces like the milk glass work well with virtually any flowers. When sourcing vintage glass for your wedding centerpieces, choose pieces which you really love so that you can use them in your home after the wedding.

If you are the type of bride who gravitates towards whimsical sets of bridal jewelry, handcrafted wedding stationery, and charming motifs, consider ornate birdcages for your spring centerpiece containers. Fancy birdcages make delightful and unexpected vessels, and look simply beautiful with flowers arranged in them. White birdcages are sweet and lovely, while the darker metal ones are great for a slightly more rustic style. Blossoms in pale apricot and yellow with plenty of trailing greens will suit the birdcage centerpiece perfectly. This is such a charming centerpiece idea that you might just want to adopt a bird theme for your spring wedding!

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