Ideas for Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Who says you need a huge budget to have the wedding of your dreams? With some creative ideas you can pull off your wedding as beautifully as you always wanted it to be. Here are some ideas for inexpensive wedding centerpieces that will fit right into your budget and save your money for something else that couldn’t fit in earlier.

1. A cluster of plain glass tealight candles looks pretty in itself with the glow from all the candles illuminating the center. Place the tealights together on a plate.

2. Hurricane centerpieces filled with greenery and flowers look very beautiful. You might be able to find some on eBay for a great bargain.

3. Long stemmed vases filled with roses look good on wedding tables. Perk them up by sprinkling some confetti around the vases.

4. Another centerpiece idea using candles is to use votives and tie ribbons that match your wedding colors on the outside of their holders.

5. Floating candles and flowers in bowls of water is a true, tried and popular centerpiece idea which is very easy to do and looks lovely every time.

6. Use clear plastic bowls and fill them with water. They will give the look of glass bowls. Place a taper candle inside a taper candle holder and place it in the center. Place a hurricane globe over the taper candle, float some flowers and add food coloring matching your wedding colors, to the water.

7. Long, slender colored bottles look sophisticated and add a special touch to your wedding decorations. Add a few tall stemmed flowers to them to perk them up.

8. Moss topiaries are available for much less the cost of flowers and look If you like, you can add flowers or pebbles at the base of the topiary.

Non-flower centerpieces are the way to go if you are looking to save money on your wedding centerpieces. Get creative and use the pretty decorative stuff available in craft and superstores to make your wedding table centerpieces instead of the traditional floral ones.

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