Ideas For Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

There are a number of beautiful autumn wedding centerpieces you can create for your fall wedding theme. Many couples decide to get married in autumn due to the mild weather and for the beautiful colors that can only be seen as the leaves start to fall from the trees in preparation for winter. You cannot help but look in amazement at the bursts of red, orange, and yellow colors in the fall season. It is a great natural backdrop for a romantic occasion.

Ideas For Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

And if you decide to get married in autumn, of course, you should have an autumn wedding theme. Along with your wedding centerpieces, the decor, food, colors, wedding favors, and other wedding essentials should all have a fall theme to them.

Your wedding centerpieces however are the main focus at your reception. They should stand out among the other reception decorations while still matching the overall theme. Luckily, it is quite easy to think of great fall centerpiece ideas due to the many inspirations and natural elements that you can get from the great outdoors. Below are some ideas for creating beautiful autumn wedding centerpieces.

  • Create a centerpiece that showcases the autumn harvests and produce. For example, you can use a combination of apples and pears in a basket. The colors represent autumn and the apples and pears are a classic centerpiece idea. You can also use grapes with vines or a bottle of wine if you have a wine or vineyard themed wedding. Other berries like cranberries will also add color to an otherwise bland centerpiece.

  • Pumpkins and gourds are also associated with autumn. You can also use them to create a fall themed centerpiece. Use the miniature varieties and avoid using the large ones otherwise your centerpiece could occupy the entire table. You can place them in a straw basket to add a rustic effect.

  • Use bottles of different shapes and sizes. Fill these bottles with water and use food coloring to tint the water. Choose the colors of autumn. One bottle can have red tinted water, another can have orange tinted water, and so on. Place the bottles on a fall themed handkerchief or cloth and surround them with smaller fall elements like acorns, walnuts, and pine cones.

Creating autumn wedding centerpieces does not have to be difficult and the results can surely make your fall wedding reception look gorgeous.

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