How To Make Cheap Wedding Centerpieces For Tables

One of the centre points of attraction in wedding is the wedding centerpiece for tables. It is good to make it colorful and alluring as this is where everyone will be focusing. Most of the couples settle for very expensive flowers to decorate the centerpiece table; this will cost a lot of money and is not very necessary. You could still have an extremely cheap one that will be very stunning and unique. Weddings are very expensive and one of the most expensive endeavors we humans get into. You will soon be broke if you don’t spend wisely. Some of the centerpieces are more costly than even the bridal floral and this is rather ridiculous.

When asked to design the wedding centerpieces for tables, most florists will want to show their skill and create great designs with expensive accessories that come at very high prices. If you want to have cheap centerpieces, the first thing you should consider is the size of the tables you have and the various items that will be on the table. It is meaningless get large centerpieces for tables while they will end up not looking fabulous. Look at the people who will need the table. To make the centerpieces cheap, you could replace the expensive flowers with some feathers or candles which will still be used again.

The other way to save on the wedding centerpieces for tables is using what your garden has. Go to your garden and cut some fresh flowers. You could then decorate them with some lovely ribbons and lights if possible and it could add a special touch. If you are a fan of collecting some antiques, photos, snowglobes, frames or vintage bowls, display all these items in the middle of each table and people will concentrate on looking at them, and admiring them. If your wedding happens to be during winter, you could display your own ornaments in a bowl. To get more things to display, you could ask from your close friends and family. You don’t have to be afraid.

You could also consider a glass jar which has some tealight that could be colored or plain. The light could be enhanced using some metallic hearts or rose petals. You could also put some basket which will be filled with some fresh mints which everyone could use to refresh his or her mouth after the wedding or some chocolates. You could also consider scattering some red hot chilies around the candles to get the vegetable theme. All these arrangements will make your wedding super cheap.

In addition to the above, you could also consider having cheap wine glasses which will be filled with some alluring pebbles and foam with just one bloom placed inside. You could also consider cutting some small flowers and filling them in small glasses. Use a single flower per glass to serve as your centerpieces; if the glasses are reflective, they will look amazing. People will think all the things you have used as your wedding centerpieces for tables were your unique ideas while you will have done a great saving. Yes, you can save costs with the ideas I presented above but there are far more tips you have to know before planning your wedding. You can easily save thousands!

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