How to Make a Fall Centerpiece

Fall is here, well not officially, but it’s very close. As I look out the window I see the leaves changing colors and I can’t tell if it makes me happy or sad. I’m sad to see summer go, but I’m happy for the cool crisp air with the colorful leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. I went to my sister in law’s house the other day and she already had her fall harvest decorations up, which made me realize I have some of those too. If you don’t have any yet, there’s no need to buy decorations, but you can make your own. Have fun making a fall centerpiece.

How to Make a Fall Centerpiece

Before we go any farther, learn to love the word faux. Faux materials and items is what is going to make your centerpieces look like the real thing without being too expensive. First you need to decide what kind of centerpiece you are going for. You can make some fun leaves and flowers or you can make some gourds and veggies. Again, you can make any kind of centerpiece you want.

I like baskets, especially for the fall, so I’m going to make a basket centerpiece. Obviously you need a basket, any size you wish. You then need to gather all your fun faux materials like your colorful leaves, pumpkins, pipe cleaners, anything you can get your hands on. Then just have fun with it.

To make the basket look a little more full you can put a styrofoam piece at the bottom and pile everything else on top. Once the veggies and pumpkins are in, you can stuff the pipe cleaners into that bottom styrofoam piece. I would suggest using fall colors like browns, oranges and yellows. I would also take a pen or pencil and wrap the pipe cleaner around it to make it a fun spiral shape. Throw the leaves on top and viola, a beautiful fall centerpiece.

If you want to get really creative with the leaves you can gather some real leaves from your yard and paint them. Take yellow, orange and brown paints and sponge them onto your leaves, wait for them to dry before adding to the centerpiece. If you use real leaves, the centerpiece may not last as long as if you used faux leaves.

Another centerpiece I like is a fun candle. Simply place a candle in the center of a plate and surround it with some faux berries. This will give a look of elegance, you can also put a mirror under the candle instead of a plate to give it a larger look. Red candles and red berries are fun fall colors.

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