How to Get a Perfect Centerpiece For Your Wedding Table

After a few rows down you realize that your wedding checklist has a centerpiece that needs to be taken care of. For anyone who is wondering what a centerpiece is? It’s that very special something that goes on the center of every single table as a decoration.

There are quite a few ways to go on about creating a centerpiece really, and the best part about it is that there are no wrong ways, just two simple guidelines that one should follow when thinking about what kind of centerpiece will be appropriate for their wedding table.

How to Get a Perfect Centerpiece For Your Wedding Table

For instance one of the guidelines is that your centerpiece must be under 14 inches, or over 24 inches. The reason behind it is that between 14 and 24 inches it is where your head it (your viewing sight), so covering that up is not very good. You can have a really tall centerpiece that starts from the bottom, but just make it thin at the start, and make it as big as you want it once it passes the 24 inches mark.

Also remember that if you are going to have overhead projectors across the room, people who sit at the back and have to look through a lot of tables with high centerpieces might not really enjoy it and will have hard time looking at them because it’ll be covered by centerpieces.

Also remember that centerpieces doesn’t have to reflect your wedding at all. If for some reason you want to put a vase with a lot of feathers at the top just for decorations, then ho ahead and do it! A lot of people are doing it and it looks great.

If you want to put a few bottles of wine in the center of the table and tie balloons with helium in them, then you can also do that. What happens by the end of the night is there is some sort of mini competition, and the person who wins it, keeps the piece that is in the middle.

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