How to Create a Beautiful Easter Centerpiece

Making an Easter centerpiece that will delight your family and friends does not have to be hard. Here is an easy way to create a wonderful garden-flower centerpiece using a grapevine wreath as a base and high-end silk flowers . Celebrate in style by making this natural, spring-look beauty the focal point of your table.

These are the materials you will need:

o English ivy bush (a few tendrils are enough)

o Hebe berry bush

o Pear or apple blossom spray

o Ranunculus in different spring shades

o Anemone spray

o Snowball or viburnum in green

o Freesia spray

o Yellow lady’s mantle spray

o Hurricane glass

o Tall pillar candle

o 18 inch. Grapevine wreath (any size will work depending on the size of your table!)

o Cutting pliers

o Cable ties

Start by making small bouquets containing one of each flower type-except the English ivy. If the spray has many flowers, cut one off for each bouquet. The length of each bouquet should be approximately 8 to 9 inches. Start layering the stems to form the bouquet. Try putting the larger flowers on the bottom and the lighter, smaller flowers towards the top. As you layer and gather, remember to fluff stems so they don’t look flat. Hold the bouquet in your fist and tie together with a cable tie.

The size of your wreath will define how many bouquets you’ll need. For an 18 inch wreath, you’ll need approximately 7 or 8 bouquets. The English ivy comes into place by adding interest to the grapevine and bouquets. Lay the wreath flat on your table and add a few tendrils on top of the wreath.

Slip a cable tie through a few of the grapevines, attach one of the small bouquets and tighten the tie. This will also secure the ivy onto the wreath. Fluff it up again to give the bouquet good dimension and cut the tail of zip tie with the cutting pliers.

Proceed to attach the remaining bouquets around the wreath. Remember to continually fluff the bouquets and pieces of the ivy to make things look even but natural. This centerpiece is magnificent for Easter, spring garden parties, anniversary celebrations or even summer tea parties. You can use it as a wreath as well as a centerpiece.

Add your pillar candle in the center followed by the glass hurricane lamp and you’re done!

Time to celebrate!

Dana Plazyk loves making beautiful arrangements and enjoys sharing her knowledge so you can, too! You can see a video of this project at and see a list of materials used at []

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