How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Choosing a centerpiece for your wedding can be challenging. However, with some guidance and a few quick and simple decisions; You will have it chosen in no time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing your centerpiece:

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

What is Your Theme?

Believe or not, some brides have trouble keeping their theme in mind when it comes to choosing time. Yes, everyone loves small ice sculptures, and it always looks amazing. However, they will look out of place in the middle of a summer themed wedding. For spring and summer themes, I typically use flowers. Fall themed weddings usually work perfectly with a chocolate fondue fountain. These were just example, but try to stick with the logic by being consistent.

How Big are the Tables?

Keep the size of your centerpiece in mind when you are selecting you centerpiece. If you do not, you could pick a centerpiece that overshadows the rest of the decorations, or you might pick something that is too small and looks out of place. As a rule, the centerpiece should take up no more room than three fourths of the table(side-to-side), and no less than half of the table(side-to-side).

What is Your Budget?

Centerpieces can be surprisingly expensive. Depending upon the size of group, you could easily end up spending hundreds of dollars. Take a look at your budget before you even start picking your centerpieces. Assign an amount of money that you are willing to spend, divide it by the total guests, and then times it by seven(typical table size). This will give you your maximum cost per centerpiece budget.

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