Honeymoon Theme Wedding Centerpieces

The best wedding centerpieces are those which have a special meaning to the bride and groom. Whenever you can personalize your wedding decorations, they will add so much more to the feeling of the reception. A great source of inspiration can be your honeymoon destination. These are some creative ideas on how to design honeymoon theme wedding centerpieces.

Think about your honeymoon destination – for what is it famous? What is the vibe of the place? Is is a laid back beach, a glamorous city, or a rustic camp? These are great ideas to help you begin brainstorming centerpiece designs which are inspired by your honeymoon. Let’s say that you plan to go to Paris for your post-wedding trip.

Instead of a regular vase of flowers, set a small replica of the Eiffel Tower in the center of each table. Weave a few fresh orchid blossoms around the tower for color. Then for your wedding jewelry gifts, give each of your bridesmaids silver Eiffel tower charm bracelets. What a unique and pleasing idea!

The flowers for which your honeymoon site is best known can be another starting point. Using the example of a French trip again, you could create centerpieces from lavender, which is a signature fragrance of France. Or if Hawaii is where you will be headed, use tropical blossoms like plumeria and hibiscus for your table arrangements.

The vivid colors will brighten up any space and set a festive tone for your reception. Couples headed to England could adapt this concept by creating floral displays that look like they were cut from a rambling English country garden the morning of the wedding. When you say it with flowers, you can be as subtle or obvious as you like.

The most traditional honeymoon destination for American couples is a sunny beach. Even if your wedding will take place indoors in a landlocked state, you can still use your honeymoon location to inspire your centerpiece design. Tall pillar candles in hurricane lanterns are a beautiful and affordable beach theme centerpiece style. Surround the lanterns with seashells, starfish, sand dollars, and faux coral to complete the effect.

These centerpieces would be elegant and pretty even if you do not have a full-on beach theme for your wedding. If you want to bring a little more honeymoon inspiration to your wedding, use vintage beach postcards for your save-the-date cards, and choose crystal wedding jewelry gifts with a beach motif.

If a camping trip is on the agenda, how about a charming woodsy centerpiece? Use bark vessels to hold ferns, fiddleheads, and dark purple flowers like violets. Arrange moss in the bark vases around the flowers for a great look. If you wish, carve your initials in a heart into the bark for a romantic touch. You can take this idea even further with a coordinating chocolate wedding cake frosted to look like bark. Perch a charming pair of handcarved wooden squirrels on top in lieu of a bride and groom cake topper.

A honeymoon inspired wedding centerpiece is a wonderful way to make your wedding decor unique. Your guests will enjoy your original and clever centerpieces. And you will enjoy seeing them and anticipating your upcoming honeymoon trip!

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