Homemade Valentine Centerpieces

Valentine’s Day is often viewed as an ideal time to let all of the people in your life, not just your mate, know that you love them. As cost-effective methods of incorporating this theme into your home, homemade Valentine’s Day-themed centerpieces spread the happiness of the holiday in a way that your family is sure to enjoy.

Monochromatic Flowers

Valentine’s Day is often associated with flowers, and it’s easy to make a centerpiece from beautiful blooms to celebrate the day. Red and pink flowers are popular during this season, but you can also use your family’s favorite colors to create the centerpiece. For instance, fill a glass vase with bright yellow tulips and roses; this color is symbolic of friendship. Tie a yellow ribbon around the vase, and accent the bouquet with baby’s breath; these small flowers are a sign of everlasting love. If you’re using synthetic flowers for your Valentine’s Day display, spray the blooms with glitter and a little of your favorite scent to make the arrangement even more pleasant.

Lollipop Display

A bouquet that’s edible will be a welcome addition to your home on Valentine’s Day. Tie a brightly colored ribbon around a handful of lollipops and present them in a vase. Alternatively, make your own lollipops from a mixture of sugar, cream of tartar, corn syrup, flavoring extract, water, food coloring and citric acid. After you’ve achieved the taste you want for the candy, pour the mixture into lollipop molds in the shape of hearts, stars or circles. Tie ribbons around the lollipops that display family members’ names so that everyone can enjoy the treats on Valentine’s night.

Valentine’s Day Collage

A collection of past Valentine’s day gifts can be used to make a decorative and sentimental centerpiece. Use a large frame that can be propped on a table, and fill it with small valentines your children or spouse have given you over the years. Dried flowers from Valentine’s bouquets you’ve received from friends and pictures of you and loved ones enjoying Valentine’s day gifts should be added to the collage as well. Complete the centerpiece by sprinkling flower petals around the frame or setting two tall, decorative, fragrant candles on either side of the frame.

Cookies and Chocolate

Fill a red or white basket with homemade cookies and chocolate desserts for a centerpiece that will help you and your loved ones celebrate Valentine’s Day. Line the basket with pink napkins. Bake sugar cookies in the shape of your mate’s, friends’ or children’s initials, or in the shape of your favorite flower. Dip half of the cookies into a melted chocolate mixture after you bake them for more appeal and flavor. You can also pour melted chocolate into molds a day or two before displaying the centerpiece to create candies shaped like hearts, lips or tiny gift boxes. Accent the basket with sprigs of ambrosia, a flower that means “reciprocated love.”


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