Graduation Centerpieces Ideas

If you are throwing a graduation party, the centerpieces will add color and fun to your tables.

Photo Centerpiece

This is the most popular type of graduation centerpiece because it celebrates the guest of honor. Many party hosts simply place framed photographs of the new graduate on all of the tables. Since parents generally throw the graduation party, photographs can range from baby pictures to current day images. What makes this centerpiece especially fun, is that guests can discuss their memories of the graduate at different stages of his or her life.

Another type of photo centerpiece involves using a base container like a flowerpot, bowl, or wide cylinder vase. Fill this base with small items like marbles, jellybeans, course grassy filler, or anything that will hold a stick upright. The next step is to find wooden or wire sticks and glue a photo to the top of each one. Finally, insert them into the base container. Some party hosts use potted plants and place the sticks directly into the dirt.

Edible Graduation Centerpiece

You can use the same type of base container and filler and simply replace the photos with edible items on sticks. Lollipops are easy fillers and also can be used as favors. You will need to purchase flat, old fashioned lollipops at a bulk candy store. Then, create round personalized labels on your computer and attach them to the candy. Finally put the lollipops in the vase fro a colorful and delicious decoration.

Using cookies on a stick is just as popular, but just takes a bit more work. You can either bake the sticks into the cookies or wrap the cookies and attach them to individual sticks. Be sure to practice this before creating the actual centerpieces.

Kathryn Hilton is a party planner and shows images of these ideas and more Graduation centerpieces.

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