Glass Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces bring a personal touch to the wedding. The centerpieces are usually an extension of the couple’s own style but in the search of creative wedding centerpieces, some people end up making rather odd choices. A simple yet elegant option is that of glass flowers.

If you’re wondering what is special about them, think of the amount of hard work that a glass artist has to put in making them. They are made using a technique called glass blowing, which has been in existence since 50BC!

If you have ever been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas or seen the Glass Flower collection at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, you know what I am talking about – ethereal flowers that you can also have as centerpieces for your wedding!

If you have a summer wedding, you can order bright colored flowers in shades of yellow or violet, yet for a fall wedding what can capture the beauty of falling leaves better than orange glass flowers? You can keep single flowers on every table or contact a glass artist to do custom clusters for each table. You can choose the flower colors depending on the month you are getting married in.

By using glass flowers you are not restricting yourself to the season’s flowers. This makes them perfect for winters when it is impossible to find fresh flowers! Your guests will be awed when the sun dances off the flowers and they reflect light in brilliant colors. Also, if you are having a really long ceremony, you will not have to worry about the flowers withering either.

These centerpieces look perfect on their own but you can combine them with various materials like a simple string of pearls, butterfly brooches or tea lights to create a vintage look.

When the wedding celebrations are over, you can also use the centerpieces for your home! Remember the Bellagio example? How about getting a custom glass flower cluster for your living room as well?

Scott Johnson is a master glass artist who has been making glass flowers since 2003. His creations have been showcased in several galleries. Visit his website Jade Glass to know more about glass flowers and custom flower installations.

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