Get a Big Wedding Centerpiece Look on a Small Budget

The centerpieces that are featured in the wedding magazines and television programs are nothing short of breathtaking. However, unless David Tutera is picking up the tab for your fantasy wedding, those designer centerpieces are often prohibitively expensive for the typical bride. This is not to say that you have to settle for boring or tiny floral arrangements for your wedding, however. Find out how to get a big wedding centerpiece look on a small budget.

One of the easiest ways to get a full and elegant look on a budget is to choose wedding flowers that are affordable enough to use in large numbers. Often the sheer volume of flowers will create an impressive look, and it does not matter if you have chosen pricey blossoms or less expensive ones. A popular trend right now is to design a wedding with a very ethereal style. Picture brides in diaphanous gowns of chiffon with delicate crystal bridal jewelry sets wafting down the aisle. The perfect centerpiece for this wedding style would be tall displays of airy white baby’s breath. Elevate the style of this simple flower by arranging it in tall fancy silver vases or footed urns.

Another flower that works fabulously to create a big centerpiece look on a small budget is carnations. They can be used in so many ways, and they all look great as long as they are packed tightly together en masse. An amazing centerpiece for a hip modern wedding is to arrange carnations in a low box. Use several colors to create a graphic pattern of squares and rectangles or have the florist use a contrasting color to create a single initial in the center of the box. So cool! Carnations can also be used to make more formal mounded centerpieces set in elegant footed vases or funky round balls placed down the middle of long reception tables.

You can also get a big look at a low price by featuring a few special flowers and using more affordable elements to fill out the centerpieces. Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the best fillers, because they always look unique and artistic, rather than just inexpensive. Because they take up a lot of space, elements like lemons, crab apples, and artichokes are an ideal way to stretch a few costly flowers. Everyone will admire your feature flowers and interesting fresh fruits or veggies, and the additional bargain blossoms or greens will not even be noticed, even as they add fullness to your arrangements.

The popularity of long reception tables has given brides new creative license in their centerpiece designs. It is no longer necessary to have one large arrangement to give your tables a beautiful style. A series of small multiple arrangements look fantastic on long tables, and they are often quite affordable. A great way to pull this off is to work with whatever large flowers are in season at the time of your wedding. By sticking to seasonal blossoms, you will get the most bang for your buck.

This concept can work well for both classic and informal weddings. For instance, summer brides who love classics like pearl bridal jewelry sets can achieve a timeless style with a row of blue hydrangeas down the middle of their tables. While the blossoms are on the pricey side, one or two stems can fill out a small vase, so you it doesn’t take much to get an impressive look. Or use trendy dinner plate dahlias for a fall wedding. They will be incredible, and are so large that a few blossoms will do the trick.

There are many other ways to get a big centerpiece look while working with a smaller budget. You can decorate with potted flowering plants or herbs instead of cut flowers (small potted plants can even double as wedding favors). Or rent unique vessels like birdcages and fill them with just a few greens. You can even forgo vessels altogether and plant flowers into floral foam set directly on the tables to eliminate the cost of vases. With a little creativity, you will definitely be able to design gorgeous centerpieces without the designer pricetag.

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