For Your Wedding – Beach Centerpieces That Sparkle

The beach setting you selected is absolutely perfect. Now your goal is to create a ceremony and reception that will be beautiful occasions where your loved ones can gather together to share in your happiness.

For Your Wedding - Beach Centerpieces That Sparkle

It is essential to choose the right centerpieces since these will serve as the focal point of tables at your wedding. Beach centerpieces should be striking and natural-looking. They should blend seamlessly with the beach theme.

There are four primary materials typically used for wedding beach centerpieces: glass, sand, flowers and sea shells. These can be interchanged and can provide an almost endless number of beautiful designs that are also practical.

Here are a few tips on how to create eye-catching centerpieces.

Candles in Vases: This is the easiest design to make. Your starting point is a small transparent glass vase of the type sometimes used to protect candles from the wind. Fill the vase about one-third full with colored sand, then put a candle on top of the sand. Put flower leis and sea shells around the vase and light the candle. The result is an easy but classic centerpiece for the tables at your wedding. Beach centerpieces of this type are inexpensive and fun to create, and they are pleasing to the eye.

Tropical Flowers: To create a centerpiece that blends perfectly with beach surroundings, choose a larger vase heavily textured with a sandy, rocky surface. Balance the muted tone of the vase by filling it with zesty red antherium, hibiscus and birds of paradise flowers. Surround the flowers with palm or banana leaves. Add a few large shells and you have an elegant, “beachy” centerpiece to complement your reception.

Beach Buckets: for a more playful centerpiece, find some small, brightly colored sand buckets of the kind that are designed for toddlers to play with. Arrange a small amount of sand on a table and place one of the buckets into the sand. Fill it about one-quarter of the way up with colored sand. Set a small votive candle into the sand in the bucket. Arrange starfish, sea shells, sand dollars and seahorses around the outside of the bucket. Light the candle and you will have a stunning beach wedding centerpiece that was easy to make. You can even add a further playful little touch by placing a few miniature rakes on the table. Your guests can then have their own serene little Zen garden.

Centerpiece Do’s and Don’ts: You might want some additional tips if your reception will be outdoors, immediately following the wedding. Beach sun can wilt flowers very quickly on a hot summer day, and those gentle beach breezes can sometimes become gusts that can blow out your candles at the wrong moment.

Fortunately, you can avoid this with some planning. If your centerpieces use candles, ensure that they are well shielded. You can use something as simple as a small juice glass to serve this purpose.

As for flowers, you want to select varieties that will hold up well in high heat and direct sunlight. Calla lilies, antherium, ginger and birds of paradise serve this purpose well. Normally, an experienced florist will be able to help you strike the perfect balance of beauty and longevity.

Before you buy, tell the florist that you plan to use the flowers at an outdoor beach wedding. Ask them to give you one flower to test. Put the flower in a vase and place it in the general area where the reception will take place. Keep an eye on the flower for a few hours to see how well it holds up. If it stays fresh-looking, you’ve got a winner.

Beach centerpieces that reflect your personal style can be created inexpensively by using these tips to blend the best flowers with sea shells, sand and glass. is devoted to helping you plan a magical on beach wedding []. The site offers tips and advice for creating the perfect wedding beach centerpieces [], choosing an ideal dress, finding the perfect beach setting, picking wedding favors, and much more.

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