Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces Made Fun and Simple

I love having a beautiful, fresh arrangement of flowers sitting on my table just like the next girl. However, as we all know, flowers can become very expensive to buy. Well I have a great solution to your floral fix and for those crafters who enjoy creating your own arrangement. This particular centerpiece is themed for March’s St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces Made Fun and Simple

Supplies that you will need:

  • Your choice of a beautiful vase
  • A set of floral cutters
  • Fun vase fillers such as moss, colored glass beads, etc
  • An assortment of silk flowers, leaves, and greenery

First, take the silk flowers and place them all inside the vase prior to cutting. This is how I’m able to decide how tall I want each flower to be. Of course everybody has their own way on how to achieve this. Once you figure out your height choices for each flower, repeat the same step for your leaves and any other greenery or sticks that you may choose to add.

Now that you are done cutting everything, grab your chosen vase fillers and start adding them to the bottom of the vase. For my arrangement I used glass beads for one arrangement, and moss for the other. The glass beads adds an elegant look, while the moss fillers are a more natural, earthy style.

Tip: When adding the fillers, place just enough in the vase so that you can place the flowers in pressing down into the fillers gently. Continue to fill the vase with the remaining fillers. This will not only help you to cover any open bare areas, but it will also keep the flowers standing up much straighter.

The final touches to your beautiful creation are any new adjustments that may be needed to the height of the arrangement, as well as adjusting your leaves. Making your arrangement look as real as possible is really the key to having a long lasting table centerpiece that you will love and enjoy. There is nothing worse than seeing an arrangement that has silk flowers that looks fake.

Tip: Placing scented candles or plug-ins of your choice throughout your home will make up for the lack of aroma from the flowers.

Adding fun whimsical (I love that word) party favors to your table, and even your arrangement, will create a more festive centerpiece that can be used if one is throwing a party. What’s better than a St. Patty’s day party with green eggs and ham for breakfast, and green beer and haggis for dinner. Party on crafters!

My name is Carole and I have a love for crafting. I also enjoy surfing the web and writing. I thought it would be a great idea to have a blog that focused on just that. My blog is about floral arrangements and centerpiece ideas that I can share with others, and hope to one day have greater ideas given back. I have a very stressful job, so in order to cope with that stress, my mind is constantly thinking of new ideas for flower centerpieces, and to whom I can surprise with a great gift.


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