Floating Candles For Centerpieces – Do It Yourself Ideas

Putting a centerpiece on the table is a great way to make the table looks elegant and impress any guest. Great centerpiece is a must for any special event. Without it, the event will look plain and you can feel something is missing.

There are many centerpiece types that you can use but the most elegant centerpiece will always go to floating candles. Yes, this is a simple craft yet has a great impact on any event. Choosing floating candles for centerpieces will be the best decision you’ll ever make when decorating your special event.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a floating candle centerpiece and some ideas that you can apply to enhance the look of this piece of art.

How to make a floating candle centerpiece?

You need to prepare 3 items – bowl or vase, candle and water. That’s all you need. First, you want to pour some water into the vase or bowl. Then you want to put the candle in the water. Let it floats on the water. Finally, you want to light up the candle. You can finish all these steps in less than a minute.

The above steps are the steps to make a basic floating candle centerpiece. You can enhance the way it looks by applying some creative ideas on your centerpiece. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

1. Put something at the bottom of the bowl. Remember the small rocks you put at the bottom of the aquarium? You can do the same. Get some small rocks or marbles and put them at the bottom of the bowl. Perhaps, you want to use colorful water pearls.

2. Find a unique shaped candle. There are many shapes you can choose from. Round shape is the standard shape you always encounter when buying candles. That’s not the only shape. There are different kinds of flowers shapes, butterfly shape and also fruits shapes you can choose for your centerpiece. Pick the one that fits your event’s theme.

3. Get a unique shaped bowl. Yes, the same goes to the bowl. There are many choices you can choose. A good combination of bowl and candle will definitely amaze anyone sitting at the table.

4. Use submersible LED. Submersible LED will add extra color to your centerpiece. If you combined submersible LED with water pearls, your guests will definitely take some pictures of the tables before they leave the party.

5. Drop some rose’s petals on the water. Let the petals float together with the candles. The other way around is not to drop the petals but to let the whole flower floats together with the candles. It’s totally up to you.

These are just a few simple ideas you can do to come out with a great looking floating candle centerpiece. Perhaps you want to sit down together with your friends to brainstorm more ideas to make your centerpiece looks better. Whatever your decision is, opting for floating candles for centerpieces is always the best way to decorate any special event.

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Start making your own floating candle centerpiece. It’s very easy and anyone can do it!

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