Five Tips for Creating a Fabulous Winter Wedding Centerpiece

In the midst of an economic downturn, you shouldn’t have to put your wedding dreams on hold. You can still have your cake AND your beautiful tablescapes too. Here, we’ll give you five tips for creating a fabulous winter wedding centerpiece for your reception. There are so many options in centerpiece decor to incorporate into your wedding. Let’s look at some centerpiece ideas.

Five Tips for Creating a Fabulous Winter Wedding Centerpiece

Deck the Tables with Fabulous Centerpieces

  1. If you are having your winter wedding close to Christmas, you can incorporate Christmas balls by first finding large crystal bowls and filling them with a variety of glass beads. Many dollar variety stores sell these glass beads relatively cheap. They come in many colors so you can find a color that fits your wedding theme. Once you have filled the glass bowl to your liking, you can then begin to place color coordinated Christmas balls into the bowls and then fill the spaces between the balls with more glass beads.
  2. Evergreen is a lovely winter time greenery. For another fabulous winter wedding centerpiece, you can get miniature evergreen plants and adorn them with small crystal ornaments. For added flair you can place the plants in color coordinated planters and depending upon how many tables you have, you can gift the centerpieces to your wedding party and parents of the bride and groom.
  3. If you are going for a more rustic look, you can purchase artificial tree twigs, also sold at discount stores and many dollar variety stores. You can take tall twigs and tie them together with a large ribbon and them place the tied clusters of twigs into size appropriate vases. This look is very simple which will allow you to jazz up your table settings and cloths without overdoing it.
  4. Crystal trees are a great centerpiece for a wedding. Similar to tip number three, you find artificial or real twigs and arrange them in a vase. Arrange the twigs so that they are opened up to resemble miniature trees that have lost all of their leaves. Then you can begin to adorn the “trees” with hanging crystal beads so that it looks beautiful and sparkly the way it does in nature after ice has covered everything.
  5. Floating candles are always a hit. This is probably the easiest and most cost effective of all of the tips for creating a fabulous winter wedding centerpiece. First find your container. It may be a vase, a bowl, a planter or whatever you would like for your floating candles to go into. Just make sure that it is clear. You’ll need food coloring in the color of your wedding theme. Fill the containers with water just over the half way mark. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water and stir. Continue adding food coloring until you reach the desired shade. Then add your floating candles. Since it is a winter wedding, snowflake shaped floating candles would be a great choice.

Planning a wedding can be so stressful. Winter Wedding Planning has taken some of the guesswork out of the picture for you. Whether you plan to have a traditional wedding or a wedding with a contemporary flair, we’ve got you covered. Come check us out for more winter wedding ideas [].

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