Favorite Spring Wedding Centerpieces

Spring is a romantic time of year, just perfect for a wedding. Love is in the air, the sun is shining, and spirits are high. Capture the feeling of the season with one of these favorite spring wedding centerpieces.

There are so many gorgeous flowers which bloom in the spring that it may be difficult to narrow it down to a few favorites! Tulips are one of the most iconic spring blossoms, and they make a lovely choice for centerpieces. In clear footed urns, a large cluster of Dutch tulips is fresh and timeless, just like the perfect simplicity of pearl earrings.

Favorite Spring Wedding Centerpieces

For a more dramatic spring tulip centerpiece, use vibrant parrot tulips, with their variegated colors and ruffled edges. Tulips can also take on a modern twist when they are used to create chic submerged flower centerpieces.

Bulbs are among the first flowers to bloom each spring, and a centerpiece created from planted bulbs is always pretty. A spring morning wedding would be enhanced by baskets planted with mini daffodils in shades of creamy ivory and yellow. Another idea would be to use potted hyacinth blossoms planted in handpainted vases. A blue and white Delft inspired design would be an elegant companion to lavender colored hyacinth. One of the best things about potted centerpieces is that they can be enjoyed after the wedding reception.

Old-fashioned pansies are simply charming for early spring weddings. Their sweet little “faces” would make a lovely addition to a wedding table. When used as a centerpiece, pansies should be potted. Because they have short stems and small blossoms, pansies should be used en masse to make an impact. A great option is to fill the center of a long table with rectangular white glazed ceramic planters filled with yellow, lavender, and purple pansies. This would be an adorable centerpiece for an afternoon tea reception.

Peonies are a favorite flower for late spring weddings. There is nothing more gorgeous than the sight of lush pink peonies overflowing from a vase. They are so spectacular that they need no other flowers to make them more beautiful. The classic beauty of peonies works well for many styles of weddings, whether you are a timeless romantic with a love of English gardens or a classic preppy bride who loves her pearl earrings. You simply cannot go wrong with a big fat bunch of peonies!

A very delicate spring flower is the lily-of-the-valley. Available only in May, these tiny blossoms are available in white and pastel pink. They are one of the true spring icons, though their tiny stature does require careful design to make a statement. Because lily-of-the-valley are so diminutive, they show the best in very small vases. A lovely centerpiece idea is to create a grouping of petite vases in a few shapes filled with bouquets of lily-of-the-valley. If you use enough vases, you will have a breathtaking spring wedding table decoration.

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