Fabulous Non-Floral Centerpieces For Winter Weddings

Interesting centerpieces are a great way to add style to your wedding reception. Floral arrangements are the most typical kind of centerpieces, but they are far from the only option. Read on for ideas on fabulous non-floral centerpieces for winter weddings.

Winter weddings have a unique charm all their own. When planning your centerpieces, you will want to be sure to design ones that capture the best of the season. It is also nice to design centerpieces that coordinate with the other decorative elements in your wedding. They should be in the same style as everything from the bridal jewelry sets to the tablecloths to the atmosphere of your reception venue.

One of the highlights of the winter season for many families are the Christmas holidays. If your wedding is going to be held in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can definitely bring the festive decorations of the season into your wedding decor. A very simple but beautiful idea for centerpieces is to take large elegant footed glass vases and fill them with round Christmas ornaments in your wedding colors. Surround the vases with low votive candles for a flickering light that will reflect wonderfully off of the ornaments.

Another non-floral centerpiece idea is to decorate long tables with a display of tumbling pinecones and candles. Arrange bunches of pinecones down the center of rectangular tables. A mixture of gold painted and natural pinecones would be idea. In the middle of the pinecones, place ivory candles in hurricane lanterns at regular intervals down the row. For color, sprinkle in sprays of red hypericum berries and perhaps some wide tartan bows.

There is nothing to say that your table decorations even need to sit on the tables. If you are having a Winter Wonderland wedding, complete with lots of glimmering crystals in the bridal jewelry sets worn by the wedding party, bring some of that shine and sparkle into your centerpieces. A gorgeous effect would be to suspend a large number of teardrop shaped crystals and crystal snowflakes over in clusters over each table. The centerpieces will be ethereal, elegant, icy, and unique.

If you want, you can get even more creative with your winter wedding centerpieces. For something very unique, create a little scene in the center of each reception table with a set of those small ceramic houses that light from within. It would be a very sweet and old-fashioned vignette for each table, and would add a touch of whimsy and charm to your reception. This unusual type of centerpiece is also a great conversation starter for your guests.

Finally, here is an idea for a contemporary non-floral centerpiece to try. Take one of those large open wicker balls and wrap strings of battery operated white lights all around it, inside and out. Your centerpieces will be glowing balls; very cool and minimalist for a bride with contemporary style.

Have fun thinking outside of the box (or the florist’s shop, as it were), and come up with centerpieces for your winter wedding that are original and unique. Flowers will always have their place in a wedding, but more and more brides are realizing all of the decorative possibilities to be found in non-floral centerpieces.

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