Enhance Your Decor With Centerpieces

Tabletop centerpieces can serve many purposes as a part of your decor. They add character and interest to the décor. They can be used to convey a certain theme. Centerpieces can even be used to add a little elegance to your home.

Most importantly, table centerpieces can be used as a reflection of yourself – your personality, your heritage, your interests, and your lifestyle. Table centerpieces utilize the following elements of design: space, line, form, light, scale, proportion, texture, color, texture, balance, rhythm, ornament, emphasis, symmetry or asymmetry, and harmony.

Creating your own centerpieces is something that can be quite enjoyable and allows you to add a bit of your own personality and mood to the decor of the room. In order to learn how to use the elements above to create magical displays for any occasion or event, experiment with your ideas.

Pay attention to the colors, shapes, and textures and learn what works best together to create the mood you are trying to convey. Add or take out items to experiment with different designs and also to help you determine what, if any, changes need to be made in order to create the perfect centerpiece.

Here are some tips for using centerpieces to enhance the decor of your home:

Create a fresh new look by changing your centerpiece to reflect the mood you want to convey, the season, or even a special occasion.

Experiment to create the look you are after – use similarities in forms, lines, colors, and textures to create a special look.

Notice how the parts of the design can create a flowing rhythm or balance one another.

When using a centerpiece on a table where guest will sit, be sure to use low centerpieces that won’t impede the view of the guests or interfere with conversation. A few ideas include low baskets or bowls, or small ceramic figures placed on a mirror base.

If candles are used as part of the centerpiece on a table where guests will sit, you should use candles that are tall enough that the flame is above the eye-level of the guests when they are seated. Be sure the candles are lit when used in this setting.

Centerpieces can be built around many items – antique glass, small plants, candles, modern glass, food, fresh-cut flowers, hurricane lamps, and even mirrors. For a more exotic look, try carved vegetables or fruits, and even ice carvings and butter creations for special occasions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your centerpiece:

The centerpiece should be attractive from every angle.

Groupings with odd numbers are more interesting than groupings with even numbers.

Groupings should include items with different heights.

Place the centerpiece in a way that does not interfere with wall arrangements or artwork.

On a dining table, place the centerpiece so that it doesn’t clash with the table settings.

You should keep your centerpiece designs simple.

Centerpieces can be used to enhance any special occasion or holiday like Christmas and Easter.

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