Easy To Make Cheap Wedding Centerpieces For Every Season

Let’s face it with today’s economy budget weddings are in. No matter how formal or elegant you want your wedding to be you are going to have to cut the wedding expenses and one of the easiest places to start is by cutting down on the cost of your wedding table decorations for the wedding reception.

Keep in mind, that there are many elegant centerpieces you can make that take very little time and cost very little money if you just use a bit of creativity and enlist the help of one or two friends. Here are few cost cutting centerpiece ideas for each season that will help you bring your wedding in under budget.

Easy To Make Cheap Wedding Centerpieces For Every Season

Spring Centerpieces

You can make beautiful and inexpensive spring centerpieces using mason jars bits of ribbon and pussy willows and cattails or decorative grasses. Much less expensive than floral arrangements, these easy to make arrangements look perfect for early spring. If you don’t live somewhere where pussy willows and cattails are easy to come by the silk versions of plants and grasses make great looking centerpieces and you can give them as wedding favours to guests after the wedding to decorate their home.

Summer Weddings

Summer always reminds people of long days at the beach with sun, sea and sand and you can use a beach theme for your wedding even if the wedding reception is indoors. You can pick up small fish bowls often times under $1.00 and then fill them with white and teal colored sand to remind guests of the beach. Scatter a few seashells on the table and a couple of white pillar candles and you have a beautiful and unique centerpiece perfect for a summer wedding.

Autumn Weddings

Autumn is a colorful time of the year and incorporating the sights of fall into your wedding centerpieces is a wonderful idea and simple as well. Find miniature gourds and pumpkins and scatter them along the center of the table with candles in between each gourd. Simple and elegant this table centerpiece is ideal for the fall wedding. For extra color, you could have wedding favours of candy corn wrapped in tulle and tied with a colorful ribbon.

Winter Centerpieces

You can create a beautiful winter centerpiece for very little money with a few bud vases, some silver metallic spray paint and small dead tree branches. Simply spray the tree branches silver and place them in the bud vases. For a bit of color and added elegance, you use a red rose or red carnation in each vase with the branches.

There are many wonderful and inexpensive ideas you can use to create unique and inexpensive centerpieces for your reception, which will give your reception a touch of elegance and sophistication without breaking your budget or causing undue financial stress as you begin your married life. Just put your imagination to use and you can create the wedding of your dreams cheaper than you ever imagined.

Amanda J. Peters is a writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom. Wedding Favours Kingdom offers elegant and unique wedding favours, wedding table decorations as well as favours for other special occasions.

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