Easy to Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

One of the most creative things we usually see during parties are centerpieces placed on tables. If you are planning a baby shower, you don’t have to spend too much on decorating the location. There are lots of ways to make a baby shower look great, without breaking a bank and one of which is to make your baby shower centerpieces. Making table centerpieces are actually pretty easy to do. Just have all the necessary materials prepared, be creative and most of all have fun! Here are some easy to make baby shower centerpieces that can create an eye-catching frill in the party.

Easy to Make Baby Shower Centerpieces


Floral designs are always a hit during parties. Use flowers either fresh or silk and arrange them beautifully to create flower centerpieces to decorate the tables. Determine the expectant mom’s favorite flower and use it in your idea. Of course, since most baby showers these days are theme-based, flowers should be well coordinated, especially the colors. If you have a source where you can pick flowers for free, then it would be a money-saving advantage. Or, there are lots of craft stores nearby that offer real-looking silk flowers that you can insert into a few grouped fresh flowers. To make them as centerpieces, you can place the flowers into a variety of vases or water pitchers.

Glass Jars Or Fish Bowls

These glass containers can be filled with little items like candies, gums, mints, almonds, or even marbles, colored buttons or other cute stuff. You can use some fish bowls and have them filled with water, and float some little rubber duckies. Alternatively, you can use floating candles if you want. To enhance the look of these glass containers, you can tie ribbons or place little votive candles on the side. Just be creative, you can even have the water colored to make an enchanting look. These are just few fun ways on how to make use of glass containers creatively. You will be surprised they, too, can give an alluring effect you want for the party.

Baby Shower Favors

Party favors are sometimes used as centerpieces as well. Double your favors as a nice centerpiece on each table by putting them in a basket or make a layer of favors. Create gift baskets which consist of little party favors that guests can help themselves. However, if you want to create a mounted centerpiece, one easy idea you can use are favor boxes. Favor boxes are available in many craft stores or you can also make your own at home.

Other easy to make centerpieces include balloons, banners, streamers, and other hanging decors. Even baby accessories and other nursery items can be used as baby shower decorations. If you really want to save money, start your plan by researching. You can research online where you can find lots of cool and practical tips on how to plan and decorate a baby shower party. There are also plenty of websites that sell shower supplies such as shower invitations, decors and centerpieces, favors and games.

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