Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving costs are going up again, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 26th annual informal survey about food prices. Your meal will cost about 13 percent more than last year.

Food is a big part of the Thanksgiving meal; still there are other areas where you can save some money. One way you can cut costs is to make your own thanksgiving centerpiece. Though you may be tempted to purchase cut flowers at the grocery store and call it a day, a homemade centerpiece is easier than you think. If you have young children or even teens you may be able to get them to do the work for you. Here are some clever ideas:

Eco-friendly – Fall is just as colorful a season as spring. Look around outside and you will find pine branches, plants with red or purple berries, ornamental grasses, colorful leaves, acorns or flowers cut from your own garden. Display in a glass vase or bowl. Also consider acorns and pinecones for a fall display.

Fall fruits and vegetables – Local farmer’s markets may have better prices than your grocery store on gourds, squashes, and mini pumpkins etc. You can simply put them on a plate or pile them up in a basket. You could also use a cake stand or tiered cupcake stand with oranges and red or green apples for a festive and so simple display.

Pillar candles – Get a few large pillar candles in Thanksgiving colors and put on a plate or in a bowl and surround it with either something natural (fruit or pinecones) or something yummy (candy). You can even use leftover Halloween candy such as candy corn or those small pumpkins.

School projects – Younger children usually make a cute craft turkey at school. Give them the honor of adorning the center of the table with their art work.

Stuffed animals – If you or your kids have cute stuffed animals that are related to the holiday, they will make a great centerpiece.

Halloween decorations – You may also have some leftover pumpkin decorations from Halloween that may be recycled for a Thanksgiving centerpiece..

Once you get into the mind set of creating your own centerpiece, you will start to notice things around your house that will work. If you choose red as one of your colors, you will also probably be able to recycle some of your centerpiece for Christmas. Recruit the creative members of your family to help you think of ideas. Making your own Thanksgiving centerpiece can be fun and save money too.

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