Easy Centerpieces For Every Season

Your wedding centerpieces will be one of the most important parts of your wedding décor, so naturally you want them to be fabulous. But fabulous does not have to mean expensive; in fact some of the most beautiful centerpieces are so easy that you can make them yourself. Here are some great ideas for easy wedding centerpieces for every season.

Easy Centerpieces For Every Season

Spring lends itself to all sorts of lovely centerpieces. There are many wonderful fresh flowers that characterize the season of growth and new life. Bulbs, in particular, capture the beauty of the spring. One idea for wedding centerpieces is to create low table arrangements using potted flowering bulbs like mini daffodils or fragrant hyacinths. Gather a collection of shallow and wide painted bowls, such as those with a classic blue and white design. Transfer several of the bulbs and dirt into the bowls, and cover the top with dried Spanish moss. The centerpieces will be so beautiful that your guests will all want to take them home!

Another easy idea for a spring wedding is to create a submerged flower centerpiece using pretty pink tulips. You simply take a tall clear glass cylinder, fill it with water, and plunge a bouquet of tulips (stems and all) into it. This is so easy that anyone can do it, but the effect is modern and high style. Surround the cylinder with an assortment of low ivory candles for a spring evening wedding.

Beach themes are popular for summertime weddings, and they lend themselves beautifully to easy and affordable centerpieces. You can create the perfect summer wedding decorations using sand, seashells, and starfish. Fill a clear cylinder about a third full with sand and plant a tall chunky white candle in the sand. Set the vase into a bed of sand on the table, and carefully arrange an assortment of your favorite shells and starfish stacked up against the outside of the cylinder. For a dash of color, layer in bright red faux coral.

Another super cute idea for a summer wedding centerpiece is to “plant” cut gerbera daisies into a bed of wheatgrass. Plant the wheatgrass seeds into decorative containers well before your wedding. Following the instructions on the seeds, grow the wheatgrass in your centerpiece vessels. It can easily be trimmed with scissors if it gets too long. Then on the morning of the wedding, insert the stems of gerbera daisies into the grass for cheerful and fun centerpieces. Just be sure to keep the clear straws on the stems of the daisies so they stand up nice and straight (the grass will hide them).

In the fall, there are countless ideas for easy diy wedding reception displays. One of the most charming is to hollow out mini pumpkins, eggplants, and gourds to use as centerpiece vessels instead of standard vases. Cluster three or more of these mini vases on each table and fill with mums, berries, and other seasonal flowers.

Winter brides will also have some fantastic options for easy to assemble centerpieces. One of the simplest is to fill a large footed glass hurricane lantern with round Christmas ornaments. Spread some evergreen boughs around the base of the lantern and light the room with tiny white votive candles. If you are the sort of bride who loves the sparkle of crystal bridal jewelry for a Winter Wonderland theme wedding, you can incorporate that feeling into your handcrafted centerpieces. Make your own table displays by planting silver painted branches into a pretty vessel. Drape crystal and pearl strands across the branches to coordinate with your bridal jewelry. As a finishing touch, place battery powered LED lights into the base of the centerpiece to cast dramatic uplighting on the branches and make the crystals really dance and sparkle. Gorgeous!

Whatever your style and season, there is a centerpiece that is easy enough to make yourself for your wedding reception. Handmade centerpieces are a fantastic way to save money. Best of all, they also allow you to be creative and to design centerpieces that truly express your personal style.

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