Easter Party Themes and Ideas

Easter themes can be boring if you restrict yourself to dyed eggs and fake grass. Here are some simple and creative ways of making your home stand out on Easter.

Eggs, Egg Wreaths and Egg People

Easter Party Themes and Ideas

Dying isn’t the only thing that you can do with an egg. If your kids are old enough for a real craft project, give them something a little complicated to make like an egg wreath and funny egg characters. There are multiple video tutorials available online, download them or let the kids do it for themselves and surprise you with their egg creations. You can call your guests up in advance and ask if they have an Easter decoration that the kids made that they’d like to see at the party. Incorporate as many creations by the kids as you can and make it into a little exhibition. You can decide on an Easter theme and let your guests know in advance so everyone can bring something to show off.

All those stuffed toys and barn animals

Do you still have bears, bunnies and what not, that your daughter used to play with when she was little? Easter is the perfect time to bring them out. Wash them, dry them and make them a part of an ‘Easter bunny nest’ where you can put all the presents. Easter is a great time to bring out all those big eyed toys that your kids used to play with; they make great decoration for just about any place.

Easter gift baskets and Easter desserts

Food shouldn’t just be for eating, it should be good enough to decorate a table with. Use Easter fruit baskets and fruit bouquets as centerpieces for the table. Use jelly beans to add color to custards and pies. Cover cakes and cupcakes with shredded coconut that’s been dyed yellow so that it looks like chicken feathers.

Easter props and the Easter bunny

If renting props is in your budget, go for some nice archways or a giant stuffed bunny to put at the center of your Easter nest. Use flowers (store bought or home grown) to decorate the arch or use jelly beans, candy and dyed eggs to give it the Easter look.

Games and coloring

Don’t forget about the egg hunt; arrange to have three different hunts, all of which get successively harder. Only the egg hunters that find the most eggs will get to hunt in the more difficult egg hunt. For kids, make sure there are egg dying arrangements and Easter pages to color.

Easter gift baskets and easter fruit baskets are a timeless Easter gift for kids. Easter fruit bouquets are suitable gifts for kids, great centerpieces for tables.

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