Do Your Homework on Wedding Centerpiece Flower Ideas Before Meeting With Your Vendor

There are so many amazing possibilities for wedding centerpiece flowers it’s hard to choose just a few. In fact, you may actually never see these wonderful ideas when meeting with wedding planners and vendors. Most often you will be directed to planning suggestions that are both convenient and profitable for the vendor. A little research on your part will help uncover some amazing choices that you don’t want to miss.

Once armed with some really good ideas then begin negotiating and planning with your vendors. Don’t be afraid to stick to your guns for what you really want. You will often hear the words “impossible” or “it can’t be done” which translated actually means, “We don’t have the time,” “we don’t know how,” or “there is very little profit in that.”

Most important in your selection is to stay true to the central colors and theme of your project. Here then are some wedding centerpiece flower ideas to spark your creativity. And rest assured we are not reinventing the wheel here. I have used or seen all of these ideas employed in weddings and in context they were all quite beautiful.

First decide if you want a casual beach style wedding with sea shells and tropical flowers, a formal display of roses and orchids, a romantic Victorian ceremony with peonies and hydrangea, or an over the top wedding with ice carvings, draped fabric, twinkle lights and chandeliers.

Carved ice centerpieces for tables at the reception works well with a garden wedding, a cruise wedding, or at an elaborate country club setting. For added charm, the ice can be carved into vases to hold fruit and flowers or into containers to hold food on the buffet table.

Carved ice sculptures can be placed on draped fabric with twinkle lights or votive candles to add to the ambiance or with rose petals scattered around on the table.

Chandeliers above the display will add a glow and extra sparkle to highlight the centerpiece. For an outdoor wedding, Paris flea market chandeliers can be ordered online and spray painted any color. They come with a hook and can be hung above the tables.

Silver works extremely well as a compliment to the ice sculptures. It can be used for the votive cups or containers for other floral arrangements. Silver punch bowls, candelabrum with flowers, or single silver candle stands are good choices.

Silver confetti scattered on the table, silver napkin rings, or simply a silver ribbon to hold the napkins will tie the scheme together. Tiny silver photo frames can be used as place card holders or to hold photos of the bride and groom.

Faux cement urns are amazing when brought indoors and used on the table tops, on pedestals, or on the floor with large full floral arrangements. Faux cement containers look like the real thing, but they are a fraction of the weight. Potted plants are also great choices to fill the urns. Green sheet moss makes beautiful organic filler in between the pots.

For a Victorian wedding, vintage containers are a great choice to hold centerpieces. Everything from a soup tureen to dainty tea cups can be used to hold flowers, potted plants, candles, and mints. The charm of a Victorian theme is that the containers don’t have to match. Vintage napkins and table cloths with lace would be a lovely addition.

Romantic roses, hydrangea, and peonies make the loveliest Victorian floral bouquets. During the Victorian era, flowers were used as a means of communication. A few of the flowers used and their meanings include: roses (gratitude), peony (prosperity), light pink roses (desire, passion, joy, beauty), lavender (love at first sight), and white for eternal love. Wheat conveys a message of “wealth and prosperity” and yellow expresses “friendship.”

Beach themed weddings can be casual, fun, and relaxed. Cool cottons or linens are great choices for the dresses and table cloths. Sea shells can be used to hold floral arrangements, as serving bowls and candle holders. Small shells can be made into place card holders. Shells can be incorporated into the bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Natural “ribbons” of raffia and drift wood with tea lights, sand scattered on the tables with shells, a few tropical flowers all make wonderful choices for a beach themed wedding.

Keep in mind that florists and other wedding vendors will generally attempt to steer you in the direction of products and services that are most convenient with the highest profit for them. For that reason there are many wonderful choices for wedding centerpiece flowers that will not be brought to your attention. That’s why it’s important to do your homework before contacting your vendors.

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