Do it Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

Having a wedding on a budget can be difficult. One way many brides cut costs is to have do-it-yourself decorations. Not only can this save money, but it can also be a very fun project; especially if you have loved ones to help you. The engagement and wedding preparation periods are just as exciting as the wedding itself, and homemade wedding decorations make preparing for the wedding much more memorable.

Do it yourself wedding centerpieces are probably the easiest way to make homemade wedding decorations. If done correctly, they can add a lot of the bride and grooms personal style to the décor. Additionally, the unique personal touches will be appreciated by your wedding guests. However, it can be very easy to make tacky decorations when you make them yourself.

First of all, think about the colors of your wedding. Anything you can find with a shape and texture that you like can be painted to that color. For example, sticks can be sprat-painted to match any décor for a stunning look.

Candles are a cheap way to add romance and ambience to a centerpiece. Candles can be decorated with ribbons, gems, or decoupage. Or they can be left alone and clustered with several candles of varying heights and sizes.

Placing centerpieces on mirrors adds depth and style as well. Colors and lights are reflected and can juice up a simple decoration.

Jars, baskets, and vases can be mixed and matched on different tables. These types of things are probably laying around useless in your house or can be found for cheap at garage sales and thrift stores. Again, simple things like this can be decorated to match the style of the wedding with paint, ribbon, gems etc.

Fruits and vegetables can also be used in your centerpieces. Choose a fruit of vegetable that comes in a color that matches your wedding colors.

Water with colored stones in it can also be used in wedding centerpieces. The light in the colored stones is reflected through the water, so a little bit of color can go a long way.

Even people who do not consider themselves to be creative can make their own wedding centerpieces. The trick is to look for potential and beauty in everything we come across. Then, with a little glue and bedazzling that item is ready for the wedding!

Use the wedding centerpieces guide for more information about wedding centerpieces.

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