Do It Yourself Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Creating your own table arrangements from real, live flowers can be complicated and creates a lot of stress just days before the wedding. You can’t arrange them too far in advance and yet you’ll be busy with so many other things the day before. However, here is no denying that you’ll save a bundle of money by handling your own wedding centerpieces.

For these reasons, I always tell brides to consider doing one of these non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas. They are cheap, stress-free and can be put together whenever.

  • Nature’s Freebies – Scour the outdoors for things like interesting branches, stones or dried grasses. A branch in particular could be “planted” in a container of sand and further decorated by spray painting it or adding paper pompoms, silk flowers or ribbon. If you happen to live near a beach, driftwood, beach glass or shells are an obvious choice for a beach wedding centerpieces. Interesting seed pods, pine cones or earthenware bowls full of fall leaves are all other free items from nature and would be perfect in fall.
  • Eclectic Glass – Hunt at thrift stores and garage sales for interesting glass vases, pitchers, jars or bottles. These could be arranged eclectically in the center of tables and filled with colored sand, aquarium glass or pebbles, pine cones, leaves, fabric, ribbon or even just colored water. Vases filled with cut fruit submerged in water is particularly beautiful and vibrant looking. For a holiday theme, ornaments in a large glass vase is easy and cheap.
  • Edible – Consider creating an edible centerpiece that also serves as snacks for your guests. Fruit and veggie displays are an obvious choice but also consider things like sweet treats like a pyramid of chocolate or tiers of nuts and dried fruit. Wine bottles with your own custom labels glued over the original ones is functional and pretty. Fancy artisan cheese served on slabs of slate would be stunning and delicious. A large bowl filled with dark red cherries or bright oranges is simple, yet elegant.
  • Your Interests – Turn towards your own interests as a couple and perhaps there is something you could use! Think about things like vintage children’s toys, vinyl albums or stacks of vintage books. Wooden bird cages or bird houses is another idea that would be whimsical and lovely for a garden wedding. Jars full of colorful candy that matches your color scheme like gumballs or gumdrops would also be simple and cheap.
  • Candles – Last but not least, lets not forget candles. They offer ambiance and are the most common item other than flowers in your centerpieces. So many options for candles! Floating candles in low vases, pillar candles stuck in jars or even wine bottles. An eclectic mix of candle shapes and heights creates a sparkling display all on its own at night.

Enjoy coming up with non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas of your own! Once you think outside the flowers you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with that will also save you money!

Amber Dusick is the editor of The Do It Yourself Weddings Guide at where you can find more wedding centerpiece ideas, wedding favor instructions, how make your own invites and programs and more! Learn to do most everything to do with weddings… yourself!

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