Do It Yourself Centerpieces

There are thousands and thousands of images that come to mind when planning your dream wedding. Envisioning and then having to create your own centerpieces is not always the ideal vision you have dreamed of though.

This project can however turn out to be fun and exciting though! Upon embarking on do it yourself centerpieces, you will have so many ideas that you have been imagining all your life. When you do it yourself, you can make any of these ideas come true – just the way YOU want them to.

Everything you have envisioned your centerpiece to be can turn out exactly how you want, because you will be in control. You actually benefit from creating your own centerpieces, because there is no chance you will end up with something you did not want. Do it yourself centerpieces obviously do require a little more dedication and work from you though, but in the end it will indeed be worth it and you will be very pleased with the outcome.

The most elegant and dreamy do it yourself centerpieces are floating candles. There are so many ways to make the floating candle centerpieces and they are such a vision if you incorporate little details. The easiest way to create these centerpieces is simply buying cylinder glasses or small vases from a home goods or craft store, filling them with water, and topping them off with small candle tops so that the candles are floating atop the water.

Another little detail you can add to these is by adding food coloring to the water to match your color scheme or by adding those gems or pearls to the bottom of the glasses or vases. These really can turn out to be so beautiful. There are so many different ways to create these and make them your own.

Probably the most common do it yourself centerpieces are flower arrangements. And since they are so common, you know you can never go wrong with them! Just like the floating candles, these can be very simple to create. If you just add some detail, they can be magnificent. You can buy colored vases or use clear vases and fill the bottom with the gems or pearls again. You can get more than one type of flower and get a variety of colors as well to enhance the beauty.

You can also add ribbons to the vases or even the flowers. Also, something that will look absolutely stunning would be if you combine both the candle and flower centerpiece ideas. Instead of doing gems or pearls in the bottoms of the candle centerpieces, you can have flower petals floating around in the water or even the whole heads of flowers placed at the bottom. This would create such a whimsical atmosphere.

In the end, your do it yourself centerpieces will be well worth it and the best way to create your own perfection. Remember that this whole process should be fun and lead up to the most magical day of your life. You are not alone in making do it yourself centerpieces and everyone around you wants to help be a part of this magical day too! Make it a fun project!

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