Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas You Can Make Yourself

When decorating for a shower, one thing people ask me about most often is baby shower centerpiece ideas for their food table and the gift table. My guess is that most people use a baby shower cake as the centerpiece for the food table, but there are lots of other cute ideas. Depending upon your baby shower theme, the centerpiece can be a showstopper, or a simple vase of flowers. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Diaper Cake

My all-time favorite centerpiece is a diaper cake. Not only is it an impressive centerpiece, but it also doubles as the host’s gift to the mommy-to-be. Most diaper cakes look like a tiered cake, much like a wedding cake. But instead of cake, it’s made of disposable diapers. And in between the layers and the diapers, there are small items tucked in such as baby bottles, teething rings, undershirts, etc. Small baby washcloths can be twisted into roses to decorate the outside of the cake, and more. So the new mommy will have not only diapers to use, but small items that she’ll find as she uses the diapers. The diaper cake looks beautiful setting in the new nursery too. You can find step-by-step instructions with pictures online on how to make a diaper cake.

Basket of Goodies

This centerpiece is a great one if you are giving a gift basket shower. It also doubles as the host’s gift to the mommy-to-be, like the diaper cake. This is a good choice if this shower is for a second or third baby. If you aren’t crafty, this one is simpler to implement than the diaper cake. You take a beautiful basket and line it with a baby blanket or baby bath towel, then stuff it with useful things that the new mother may need for the baby. She’ll always need baby lotion, cotton balls, baby wipes, baby bottles, teething rings and such for the baby. You could even throw in a few things for the mommy like hand lotion, gift certificate for a manicure, or a candle. Tie a big, beautiful bow on the basket handle and you’re done. Beauty and function; two for the price of one.

Pond of Duckies

I love this idea if you are having a duckie party; one of the most popular themes for baby showers. You take a large punch bowl or other attractive container that will hold water, fill it half-way with water and float yellow rubber ducks in it. If you use a baby bathtub, you could give it, and the ducks, to the mommy-to-be, once again. I love those centerpieces that double as decoration and gift.

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