DIY Inexpensive Floating Wedding Candle Centerpieces

A wedding is a wonderful and exciting occasion. It is a memorable event that signifies the binding of two “hearts” in the presence of their families and friends. The momentous occasion is planned, designed and conceptualized well in advance for a perfect ceremony and reception. A wedding could be exorbitantly expensive but there are ways and means to cut on expenses without being sacrificing the wedding concept per se. How? Going for DIY table centerpieces is an idea.

An easy yet elegant DIY centerpiece is the use of candles. Floating candle wedding centerpieces are affordable, a breeze to do and stylish. The effect of ambient lighting created by the light emanating from candle lights is definitely chic and pleasing to the eyes. Here are some ideas for easy-to-do candle wedding centerpieces. Designing floating candle centerpieces entails the use of various items such as fresh flowers, colored stones, sand and water, glittering artificial gemstones, cut diamonds and more. Your only limitation is your creativity.

Floating Butterfly Candles

Choose a large crystal bowl or vase. Make sure its size is proportionate to the intended table. Half-fill the glass with artificial cut diamonds in theme or motif color. Choose the decorative candles that you prefer. For a summer wedding, a fitting floating candle design is a butterfly. Make sure though that the color of the floating butterfly candle complements the cut diamond base. Fill the glass bowl with water leaving at least an inch of clearance from the glass bowl’s mouth. Place enough butterfly candles in the bowl making sure that they could freely float about. For a more stunning effect, place the glass bowl on a mirror.

Floating Candle and Florals

A mixture of candles and fresh flowers is truly inspiring for a floating candle wedding centerpiece. Note that not all fresh flowers float well. Good “floaters” are asters, anemones, geraniums, daisies, marigolds, gerberas, poppies, ranunculus, pansies and roses. For this centerpiece, choose a cut clear glass bowl. Fill it up 3/4 of the way and float some 2-4 simple cream or white rounded floating candles. Put some fresh flowers to float. For more visual effect, add some cut fresh leaves too. This floating candle wedding centerpiece is perfect for a spring wedding.

Floating Candles in Jars

If buying several pieces of glass bowls for several centerpieces is not an option, you can use several varied width and height glass jars for centerpieces. Collect enough jars from friends and family. You can also buy them for they are definitely inexpensive. Depending on the size of the table, place enough varied-size jars on the table. Arrange them in an interesting way. Fill the jars with slightly-colored water. If you wish pink water, put in a drop of red food color. Place flower-shaped floating candles in the jar. For more visual effect, place the jars on a lace doily.

Floating Candles and Wreath

This floating candle wedding centerpiece is an all-season wedding centerpiece. The wreath could be so designed fitting for the season. For a winter wedding, wrap the wreath with fresh or artificial greens. Insert Christmas flowers such as red poinsettias, red berries and gold trimmings. For an autumn wedding, wrap the wreath in autumn-colored leaves, artificial grapes, apples and oranges. For summer and spring weddings wrap the wreath in varied flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, carnations, gerberas and daisies. Add some ribbons for more effect. The choice is yours. For the floating candles, place a clear hurricane vase in the center of the wreath. Fill the vase with clear water and add 1-2 floating candles in the shape of the flower or fruit of the wreath.

There are plenty of options. For small tables, you can just opt for a large martini glass, put some water pearls in the color motif, add some water and top with a one floating candle. Strew some petals and leaves around the martini glass.

Don’t be afraid to create your own floating candle wedding centerpiece. Release the artist in you!

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