Decorations and Centerpieces for a Winter Wedding

Winter wedding decorations can be traditional or modern chic depending on the bride and groom’s preferences. The traditional winter wedding arrangements revolve around Christmas and sometimes snowflakes, while the modern chic ones can include anything from tall and exaggerated candelabras to elegant fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets.

Decorations and Centerpieces for a Winter Wedding

If you want your wedding to have that traditional Christmas theme, you’ll need lots of wreaths and ornaments. The expensive part of an obvious Christmas theme is the Christmas tree which doesn’t come cheap. People often substitute real trees with plastic fakes but they look far from attractive no matter how well you decorate it. If you’re on a budget, try and make your wedding work with just one Christmas tree or several miniature ones. Use ornaments along the aisles or ask friends and family to contribute some of their favorite ornaments to your wedding. It can be your something borrowed for the wedding.

For a modern chic winter wedding look, use pine cones spray painted silver and golden and leaves from evergreen trees. Pine needles can be scattered on the aisle runner with golden confetti. Avoid wedding centerpiece ideas like candles and picture frames; while they may be popular, they give the table a scant and somewhat too frugal look. Centerpieces for wedding tables with a chic look should have something that’s unique. Centerpieces that have multiple parts are not only hard to manage but unless you get it all to fit together in all the right proportions, it may not go off as well.

Fresh fruit bouquets are a unique wedding centerpiece idea for your wedding arrangements. Serve ordinary fruit in an extraordinary way; fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are unique centerpieces for wedding tables.

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