Decorating for the Holidays – Centerpiece Ideas for Parties for Anytime of the Year

Did you ever wonder how the professionals get Christmas decorations that are so amazing? They are packed full of decorations and ribbon, yet when you try to get the same results yours look thin and disappointing. Problem solved using these tips you can make a center piece just like a pro.

Decorating for the Holidays - Centerpiece Ideas for Parties for Anytime of the Year

When you start your decorating for the holidays there are a few tips you can follow that will guarantee you professional results. The biggest tip to keep in mind is to layer everything, put layer after layer of decorations to get a full and professional look.

The tips I will talk about can be used on everything from your trees, to outdoor decorations. You can use these tips for any holiday, dinner parties anytime you want to decorate something to celebrate an event.

Tip one…always start with a good base, something like a Christmas tree, table top, swag (that can be made of virtually any product even rope).

Tip two… I always add lights, I have access to my Christmas lights all year long, it is a wonderful way to create a festive environment. I love lights as part of my center piece for a dinner party, I have a husband that is a Jack-Of-All-Trades and has found a way to get an electrical outlet at my dining room table. It is wonderful and gives me many options, but you do not need to have Jim. You can get solar lights, set them in the sun for the day or two and you will have lights for the entire dinner party.

Tip three…add the first layer of decorations things like Christmas balls, shells from the beach, anything that will match your theme. When you add them think, more is better, you want to cover three quarters of the area with your decorations. Use no more than three colors, two as the main color and one as an accent. Usually I have my accent color something that is bold.

Tip four….add filler, filler is something like baby’s breathe, or leaves, or dried objects. Something that will fill up the rest of the space, this gives it a complete and full look. Don’t get carried away with this simply balance the empty spaces. I most often use something natural, it can be dried and spray painted to match but look to nature for inspiration.

Tip five…add ribbon something that complements everything else. It is very easy to use ribbon, simply take a piece about five to six inches long fold it in half and tape it to form a loop. Make several of these and put them into the decoration is the areas where it can be used as another accent. I see ribbon as the jewelry of the piece.

More is more, fill up the space with many objects that are layered and all coordinated with color. Have fun and think outside the box you can use anything to make a fun decoration for any event.

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