Decorating For Easter Parties

Next to Christmas, Easter is probably one of the most widely celebrated occasions of the year. For many, it’s a religious holiday meant for personal reflection.

For others, it’s a festive end to winter and the start of warmer seasons. However you see it, we all have one thing in common: we love a good Easter party.

And it’s not just the food, of course–part of what makes it so fun is decorating for the big day. If you’re not sure how to decorate for this year’s party, these cool ideas can help you come up with your own.

Easter eggs

No Easter party is complete without the season’s most recognizable symbol, the Easter egg. You can use Easter eggs as centerpieces, candle holders, or place cards. If there are kids at the event, the easy choice would be an Easter egg hunt. You can also organize an egg-painting session–great for keeping them busy while the grownups catch up on each other!

Fresh flowers

Easter also symbolizes new life and growth, perfectly embodied in the fresh blooms that grow in the season. Flowers are great for adding color to the table and celebrating the warm spring weather. Simply put some fresh flowers on a vase and use it as a centerpiece, or sprinkle some petals over the table for a more elegant effect.

Easter centerpieces

Centerpieces help tie the Easter theme together and often serve as the focal point of the venue. There are lots of things you can use to make an Easter centerpiece, from the usual Easter eggs and flowers to less common items like twigs, candles, and fresh fruit. You can even put all these elements together for a colorful, eye-catching centerpiece that effectively conveys the festive mood.

Creative table settings

The table setting you choose depends on how formal you want the party to be. Most Easter parties are pretty casual, so you don’t have to follow the rules to heart. The important thing is to keep all the utensils within easy reach, so that your guests can eat comfortably. Be creative with table accessories such as napkin rings, table chargers, and place mats.

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