Decorate Your DIY Baseball Theme Table Centerpieces with Common Items or Easy to Make Enhancements

Baseball themed centerpieces are one of the most popular types of centerpiece requests we receive year round. Several centerpiece bases or variations are available, although a square base is the most popular. A wide assortment of embellishments is available to further decorate the centerpiece and further support the baseball theme.

Most of our baseball centerpieces start with a square Styrofoam® base. The square represents the diamond figure of a normal baseball infield. A lot of times we cover square base with colored metallic paper. You can also add a terrific enhancement by covering the base with a piece of green indoor/outdoor carpeting. It is a little more difficult to work than metallic papers but it is quite striking and almost looks like real grass.

The indoor/outdoor carpeting is readily available in home improvement stores. It can be purchased off rolls and cut to various lengths. It generally comes nine (9′) wide but is sometimes available in remnants.

We cut a carpet square somewhat larger than the Styrofoam® base to properly cover it. Low temperature glue is used to secure the carpet to the base. (Note: Do not use high temperature glue since it melts the Styrofoam®.) Trim the excess off with a sharp scissors.

Next we cut out small white cardboard squares for first, second, and third bases, and the traditional home plate design. These are glued onto the carpeting, again with low temperature glue. We might add small baseball figures in two separate colors to represent the baseball players. These are available from toy and hobby stores and occasionally dollar stores. Sports ribbon is available to cover the sides of the base.

Other decorations you can use include small plastic bats and balls, pop cans, pop corn boxes, carmel corn boxes, fake hot dogs, peanut bags, trophies, candy, fake cotton candy etc. We have used real baseball caps, gloves, pennants (both large and small), baseball cards, etc. Even full sized jerseys can be used on larger centerpieces. Beer cans can be added for an adult party.

In addition, there are 12″ baseball figures available, or you can cut profiles of caps or gloves from pieces of Styrofoam® and paint or even glitter them. All of these items can be attached to wooden dowels or plastic picks to add height and bring them above the simulated playing field. (Note: If you use the indoor/outdoor carpet since the backing has a rubber base, you will need a sharp, pointed hobby knife to penetrate it.)

Have fun putting your baseball centerpieces together. Use these ideas and your imagination to find other interesting variations on this great theme table decoration. If needed for place card settings, use player or team names or even baseball stadiums.

Judy Yublosky combines 18 years of professional experience and a life-long practical approach to her party planning efforts. Her company, A-BnC Parties and More, Inc plans and supervises party events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, engagements and weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, events and celebrations. She provides customers with one stop shopping for a variety of party products. Her services include party planning and consulting, decorating as well as day of event overseeing.

Judy works with do-it-yourselfers and teaches classes on making centerpieces and gift baskets. She has Do-It-Yourself videos as well as some hard to find supplies for making party centerpieces and gift baskets for sale. How-To demonstration videos and other ideas are free of charge on the Web or for a small shipping and handling charge via DVD. A free Mitzvah planning guide is available on her Website.

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